New Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Aims to Unite Country with Pro-Family, Judeo-Christian Values

New Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Aims to Unite Country with Pro-Family, Judeo-Christian Values
The President of the Republic of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, already with the presidential banner, accompanied by the first lady Michelle Bolsonaro during a ceremony of the inauguration in the Palace of the Planalto in this Tuesday, January 1, 2019, in Brasilia. (Mateus Bonomi / AGIF via AP)

In a deeply conservative speech on New Year’s Day, one that was widely overlooked by the international media, Brazil’s new president proclaimed to the people how his administration’s agenda would be informed by pro-family, Judeo-Christian values.

President Jair Bolsonaro, who delivered his address to Brazil’s National Congress shortly after he was sworn into office, vowed to lead the country in accordance with “Judeo-Christian” principles and to defend the institution of the family against “destructive” gender ideology and “political correctness,” placing “God above all.”

“We are going to unite the people, value the family, respect religions and our Judeo-Christian tradition, combat gender ideology, conserving our values,” Bolsonaro said.

“Brazil will return to being a country free of the chains of ideology,” Bolsonaro continued. “My electoral campaign listened to the call of the streets and forged a commitment to place Brazil first and God above all.”

Via LifeSite News:

The country’s new president noted the catastrophic effects of the collapse of moral values that had occurred in recent decades in Brazil under socialist rule. Brazil has seen a massive surge in crime in recent years and homosexuality and gender ideology has been on display in government-funded parades and in public school indoctrination.

Many Latinos have speculated that it was largely the left’s aggressive social engineering in Brazilian schools that provoked the backlash that led to Bolsonaro’s election.

“Irresponsibility has brought us to the greatest ethical, moral, and economic crisis in our history,” the president noted in his address. “Today we begin an arduous task to begin for Brazil a new chapter in our history, a chapter in which Brazil will be seen as strong, powerful, confident, and bold.”

Bolsonaro also thanked God for saving him after he was stabbed in the stomach by a mentally disturbed leftist during the campaign.

“First, I wish to thank God for the fact that I am alive, that a truly miraculous operation was done [on me] by the hands of the professionals of the Holy House of Juiz de Fora [hospital]. Thank you, my God,” Bolsonaro said.

“When the enemies of the country, of order, and of liberty, tried to put an end to my life, millions of Brazilians went to the streets,” Bolsonaro added. “An electoral campaign was transformed into a civic movement, covered itself in green and yellow, became spontaneous, strong and indestructible, and brought us here.”

Later, Bolsonaro told a crowd in front of the country’s presidential palace: “I place myself before the whole nation on this day, as the day in which the people began to liberate itself from socialism, from the inversion of values, from big government, and from political correctness.”

“We cannot allow destructive ideologies to divide the Brazilian people, ideologies that destroy our values and traditions, destroy our families, which are the foundation of our society. And I invite everyone to begin a movement in this sense,” the president added in the same speech. “We can – I, you, and our families, all of us together – reestablish ethical and moral standards that will transform our Brazil.”

Damares Alves, Bolsonaro’s minister for Women, the Family, and Human Rights, is strongly pro-life and opposed to LGBT indoctrination. According to LifeSite, her pro-family stances have already led to death threats against her, “which she says were the reason that she did not allow her daughter to attend her assumption of the ministry.”

Brazilian media have accused the new administration of stripping away LGBT “rights,” but Alves told the media that she would continue to protect LGBT rights just as they were previously recognized in Brazilian law.

Describing her pro-life principles, Alves said, “When I talk about life, I’m talking about life from conception. I wanted our ministry to be called the ‘Ministry of Life and of Joy,’ but that wasn’t possible.”

Alves made it clear that the government would no longer push the left’s radical gender ideology on the nation’s schoolchildren. “In this government, a girl will be a princess and a boy will be a prince. No one is going to impede us from calling girls princesses and boys princes. We are going to do away with the abuse of ideological indoctrination.”

She also addressed a major problem facing Brazil under its previous gay-friendly government: the issue of child sex abuse by pedophile “sex tourists.”

“Attention pedophiles: the fun is over, Bolsonaro is president,” she declared.

Alves was open and unapologetic about her Christian faith, telling the press that “the government is secular, but this minister is terribly Christian. I believe in the ways of God.”

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