Customer Leaves St. Augustine Restaurant Owner a Nastygram About His Christmas Music

A restaurant owner in Florida was recently shocked to find a nastygram left on a table by a disgruntled customer who didn’t like his choice of Christmas music.

The Scrooge-like diner complained last week that the music was “offensive” and suggested that the owner of Michael’s Tasting Room in St. Augustine “consider” playing less religiously themed “holiday music.”

The restaurant’s owner, Michael Lugo, posted the note on Facebook commenting, “really, what is wrong with people?”

Via Fox News Insider:

Lugo said that though he is Christian he was not trying to force his religion on anyone, adding that it was “scary” that a note like that would be socially acceptable.

He posted the note on Facebook, a decision he said was to protect his staff.

The vast majority of the 855 comments are completely supportive of the restaurant owner and fed up with the politically correct cry-bully culture that encourages people to speak out so obnoxiously.

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One woman wrote:

When I don’t like the atmosphere or entertainment at an establishment, I leave, and make another choice—I don’t attempt to shame the management or owners to mold to fit my preference. People need to grow up. It’s called a CHOICE. We are privileged as citizens of the United States to have choices. Keep doing what you do, God bless you, God Bless America, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

“Another reason why Trump won,” someone else wrote. “People are getting sick and tired of people like this! This is America!”

Another person wrote: “How sad and unfortunate that there are people who have nothing better to do with their time than be offended!”

An obviously disgusted woman’s comment was short and sweet: “Find another restaurant. HYPOCRITE!”