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Chris Pratt's Disneyland Christmas Story Is Part of a 60-Year Tradition at the Parks

Actor Chris Pratt is one of Hollywood’s truly good guys. In addition to being a bankable actor who can carry a hit movie and give an engaging interview, Pratt is upfront about his faith in Jesus Christ. He has spoken openly about how his faith has been an anchor to him in both good and bad times.

One of the refreshing things about Pratt is that he doesn’t flaunt his belief in Jesus in a way that comes across as either condescending or self-serving. Instead, he simply explains what Jesus means to him. He prays for fans and explains his beliefs on social media in a caring way. He has even shared the deeply personal story of how his Christian faith helped him through his son’s time in intensive care shortly after birth.

The internet is on fire today over Pratt’s reading of the Christmas story at Disneyland. He appeared at the theme park as one of the celebrity narrators at the Candlelight Processional. The actor read parts of Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth in between performances of traditional Christmas songs by a choir of Disney cast members and high school students from across the country.

At the end of the event, Pratt went off script and made a few remarks of his own. “Ladies and gentlemen, it was really my honor to share this beautiful Candlelight ceremony with all of you,” Pratt said. “It’s been a very special and inspiring night. For me, being a parent has really changed my life in so many ways. And one of those ways is to understand, truly, the love that a father could have for a child.”

“When I stare at this precious little creation of mine here, and I watch the ways in which he tries to please me, I just fill with a love that I feel is so pure, and unending,” Pratt continued, talking about his son. “The way we love our children, the more we love our children, the more we will understand the capacity for our Father in heaven to love us. Each and every one of us a precious creation, and he just marvels in the ways that we can try to please Him. That should give us a great deal of comfort. I know it does for me.”

While it’s exciting to hear of Chris Pratt narrating the Christmas story at Disneyland, the Candlelight Processional is nothing new. In fact, the event has been a holiday staple at Disney’s parks in the United States for six decades.

Christmas has always been an important part of Disney Parks. From the first Christmas at Disneyland in 1955, choirs and carolers have performed holiday standards. In 1958, Disney debuted a new tradition: the Candlelight Processional. At this special event, a celebrity read the Christmas story from the Bible as a choir of employees from all parts of the Disney organization sang Christmas hymns and carols.