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Chicago Planned Parenthood's Gruesome History of Killing and Maiming Women

Since the release of the successful movie "Gosnell," supporters of Planned Parenthood have been loudly protesting that Kermit Gosnell is an aberration within the abortion industry — that the country's most prodigious serial killer doesn't reflect the abortion industry. Except, and never mind that every abortion ends a precious life that has value in the eyes of God, abortion clinics ravage the psyches of women and damage them physically. A Planned Parenthood clinic in Chicago has a gruesome history that will most likely never be tweeted about by Dr. Leana Wen, Planned Parenthood's new president.

In 2012, due to a botched second-trimester abortion, Tonya Reaves bled internally for over five hours before the Near North Planned Parenthood clinic decided to call an ambulance. By then, it was too late and Reaves died. Sadly, that clinic hasn't left their mutilating ways in the past. The latest victim of this Planned Parenthood clinic is a nineteen-year-old woman who is fortunate to be alive.

The clinic called 911 after the patient bled heavily from her uterus and vagina and was vomiting. As Life News reveals, "Apparently, no doctor was on the scene at the time of the 911 call, because the Planned Parenthood caller informed the 911 dispatcher that she had a patient that needed to see a doctor."

Speaking to Life News, Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, said:

Think about what happened here. A young woman not long out of high school walks into a Planned Parenthood office thinking she will undergo a safe, quick abortion, then get on with her life. Instead, she suffers serious complications including hemorrhaging, pain, nausea and vomiting. She likely takes her first fearful ride in an ambulance to an emergency room where she had to undergo measures to stop her bleeding and save her life. Her traumatic experience also likely causes a hospital stay. Recovery time and pain takes longer than she thought. Her plans are at least temporarily disrupted, and she walks away with a large hospital bill – not to mention a dead son or daughter, which she now has time to ponder in some depth, to her sorrow.

This is the deception that Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses engage in every day. They convince women that abortion will solve the challenges they face quickly, easily, and safely. They count on the stress of the situation to ensure that women won’t read the fine print about possible complications on the lengthy consent forms. Women never know the truth about how many times other women have had traumatic or lethal abortion experiences that leave their family and friends grief-stricken. But for many women, even if they knew, they think it will never happen to them – until it does.