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Bishop Will Preside Over Renaming Ceremony for Transgender 'Pastor'

Sometimes, wolves change their sheep's clothing to a different sheep's clothing. Even then, the wolf is still a wolf. A "pastor" in New Jersey is demonstrating what it looks like when a wolf changes one set of sheep's clothing for another. Deciding that she knows better than God and biology, Rose Beeson has decided that she's a man.

Sadly, many confused and sick people today are insisting that they're the sex that they're not. What makes Rose a wolf in sheep's clothing is that she's a "pastor." Granted, she's a "pastor" in the apostate Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) denomination, so whether she pretends to be a man or not, she's already a wolf in sheep's clothing. She's simply taking the whole "dress up" to mislead people thing to a whole new level.

This coming Sunday, a bishop in the ELCA will rename Rose during the service at St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church in Hoboken in what's being called "Transfiguration Sunday." After Bishop Tracie Bartholomew preaches, Beeson will join Bartholomew at the baptismal font. During the renaming ceremony, Bartholomew will reaffirm Rose's baptism and then change her name to Peter.

Speaking to NJ.com, Beeson relates,

"I wrestled with sex and gender from my teens into my early 20s," Beeson recalled, mentioning two old films about transgender men – "Boys Don't Cry" and "Southern Comfort" -- which both had "violent endings."

"Seeing those scared me and pushed me back," said Beeson, who did IT work before entering Pacific Lutheran Seminary in Berkeley, California, part of the progressive Graduate Theological Union.

Through seminary and in the process of the call to pastor a parish before ordination, Beeson described a "journey toward greater integrity to be the most fully present for the congregation and more honest and authentic and live what God is calling me to be."

Ignoring the fact that God has called her to be a woman by virtue of having created her as a woman, Rose is using words like "honest" and "authentic" in dishonest and inauthentic ways. Sadly, with her dishonest and inauthentic sinful lifestyle, Rose has misled her congregation. NJ.com interviewed two of them. According to Jen Meusel, who is the outgoing vice president of the church council, "It's an opportunity for us to live out our mission to accept everyone, not just talk the talk."