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'The Babylon Bee' Founder Wants to Change the Way You Get Your News

Christian Daily Reporter

If you're tired of having your news fed to you by Facebook and Twitter day in and day out, you may want to check out a recently launched news aggregation site called "Christian Daily Reporter" (CDR). Created and maintained by Adam Ford (who's also the mastermind behind Adam4d.com and the genius behind the wildly successful "The Babylon Bee" satire site), CDR wants to change the way you get your news — and perhaps even break the stranglehold Google and social media sites have on the daily news cycle.

"The Babylon Bee" (in case you've been living under a rock for the last two years) is a Christain satire site that delivers pointed — and spit-out-your-coffee-funny — commentary on the American church, news, politics, and entertainment. Ford told PJM that the site had 2.3 million visits in December, which is phenomenal for a two-year-old start-up site.

Ford announced the "Christian Daily Reporter" on his website last week, describing it as "Drudge Report, but for Christians."

"As long as I’ve had a computer in front of me I’ve been a bit of a news junkie, but running the Bee for the past 2-ish years has made it necessary for me to keep an extra-close eye on the news — all day, every day — since we write about current events all the time. So the idea, naturally, kept growing," Ford explained in his announcement for CDR. "A few months ago I thought, hey, I’ll throw together a super-basic HTML web page, and as I read the news every day I’ll start dropping links in there that I think are interesting or important for Christians to know about. Politics, abortion, church culture, religious liberty, 'totalitolerance,' Christian/conservative censorship, 'sexual revolution' madness, the increasingly Orwellian power social media and tech giants have, random things I find interesting — these topics and much more are covered on the site."

You've likely heard about the recent algorithm change at Facebook, designed to encourage "meaningful interactions between people," according to Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook. As a result, "You'll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media," said Zuckerberg. That's bad news for content publishers who rely on Facebook to get their news out. But what about you, the consumer? Studies show that two-thirds of Americans get their news primarily from Facebook. That means Facebook (rather, its human-created algorithm) decides what you see in your feed every time you log on. Conservatives have long complained that Facebook puts its thumb on the algorithmic scale, giving priority to liberal media outlets and deprioritizing those that don't advance the liberal orthodoxy. Whether or not that's true doesn't change the fact that only a small percentage of the news generated around the world each day ends up in your news feed — which means there's an awful lot you're missing.