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Australian Woman 'Marries' Herself 'To Become My Own Soulmate & Best Friend'

The Australian life coach Linda Doktar had a ceremony to get married to herself last year, but the story has made international news this week. In a Facebook post clarifying misleading reports, the self-worshiping life coach explained that she did not marry herself to "get over painful breakup with ex."

No, it's much more scary and depressing than that...

"I did NOT 'marry' myself to get over a break up," Linda Doktar declared in a long Facebook post. "I did NOT 'marry' myself to spend the rest of my life on my own. I did NOT 'marry' myself to stay away from men."

"I simply chose to set powerful intentions with a self-love ritual as a form of honouring a more conscious relationship with myself," the coach wrote. "To love and respect myself for the rest of my life."

This self-love, and even self-worship, is at the center of Doktar's philosophy. She concluded her Facebook post with a brief encapsulation of the idea. "YOUR ENTIRE LIFE BEGINS WITH YOU," she wrote.

"You are the creator of your reality," Doktar declared. "Your external world will continue to reflect from your inner world. Take a moment to be present with this question... 'How am I relating to myself?'"

This philosophy of self-embrace, self-confidence, and even self-worship pervades the counselor's philosophy. Her website describes her as "an expert in helping people connect to the origin of all life creation — Thy SELF." The site explains her work as "truly Life & Soul transformative and will assist you in becoming the grandest version Self in all areas of your life."

The website tells Doktar's "story," and it sounds like a Christian "testimony." But this counselor wasn't saved by Jesus Christ — she was saved by the god of Self.

"Just like you, I have also experienced some struggles and hardships in my journey. I have been disconnected from Self and suffered deeply in silence," Doktar wrote. "My journey has led me through abusive relationships, a heavy drug addiction, and severe depression, losing a parent, an eating disorder, deep financial hardship and homelessness. I have felt soul-wrenching shame, guilt and self-hatred, and truly mastered the loathing of self-destruction."

But then "I made a conscious decision to turn my Pain into Power and commenced a journey of becoming the grandest version of Self.  My mess became my message and my mission, and I am now deeply committed to being of service to others and helping you live a conscious life of purpose, freedom and fulfillment."

Her self-marriage wasn't about getting over a breakup. It wasn't about rejecting men. It wasn't about living by herself. It was much, much worse than that. It was about making her Self the most important person in her life. She made vows to herself, looking in a mirror on the beach.