6 Ways Christians Can Fight the 'Cultural Marxism' on College Campuses

6. Incorporating faith into our ideas.

Miller explained that his goal with Ratio Christi is not just to prepare students to face the threats of the modern college campus, but also to train Christians at all levels to integrate their faith and their worldview. "We want to embrace not just the heart and the hands of Christ, but the head of Christ," he said.

Ratio Christi does not just have an outreach to college students (170 university chapters), it also has a high school program (30 high school clubs), and a network of professors who discuss how their faith fits into their disciplines.

"We want these Christian professors to integrate their faith and reason, faith and life, faith and vocation," Miller said. "We want them to stop being professors who happen to be Christians; we want to develop a movement of missional professors."

Ratio Christi aims to equip each teacher, leaving a professor "who still teaches well in their field, who contributes to their academic society and their professions, but thinks more intentionally about integrating their faith and reason."

"I think Christians need to see the university as a mission field," the organization's president declared. "I think the church is making the greatest omission of the great commission if they neglect the professor." He argued that "the university is where the doctors, lawyers, journalists, future political leaders, and future professors all come from. Right now it's dominated by a secular milieu," but Ratio Christi aims to change that.

It's not just professors who should integrate faith and learning, however. This is a call for all believers to delve into the ideas behind their faith, to integrate those into how they see the world, and to become not just better Christians, but better thinkers, speakers, and doers. If Christianity unites faith with both reason and compassion, that won't just change the world, it will free our minds and hearts to see and love that Good One who is behind every thing thing. That is what life and joy are really about, and the word for it is "heaven."