The 5 Most Dangerous Wolves Preying on Christians

2. Rachel Held Evans

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 Rachel Held Evans has become synonymous with "straw-man attacks on Christianity." Her constant drumbeat of anti-evangelicalism is only bested by her continual evangelistic efforts for liberalism -- both politically and theologically. Recently, Evans made news by encouraging pro-life Christians to vote for Hillary Clinton. In the piece, her arguments are those of a supporter of abortion even though she claims to be pro-life. For example (the most obvious example), she declares that she believes "abortion is morally wrong in most cases [emphasis added]." Well, if abortion is the murder of babies, and abortion is most definitely the murder of babies, then abortion is morally wrong in all cases.

Evans is an expert at shifting terms and definitions around, and she uses that dishonest skill to sow confusion in the minds of her readers. Her track record consists of rejecting the authority of the Bible, embracing the heresy of universalism, and declaring good what God has declared evil (homosexuality, same-sex marriage, erased gender distinctions, etc.), among other serious errors/heresies. Sadly, many are following evangelicalism's Pied Piper straight to hell.