Trump Called Jesus an Egomaniac in Playboy 'Evangelical Leader' Jerry Falwell Jr. Posed With

Were the Reverend Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority, alive today, he would likely be ashamed of his son. Here's the photo he and his wife took with Donald Trump.

Over Becki Falwell's left shoulder, you can see the Playboy issue. The magazine well-known for featuring naked photos seems to run right in the face of Jerry Falwell's argument for establishing the Moral Majority. In his book Listen, America! the reverend laid out five key American sins that have political consequences -- pornography was number 3!

"Sex magazines deliberately increase the problem of immoral lust and thus provoke increased adultery, prostitution, and sexual child abuse," Falwell wrote.

He listed "the fractured family" as number 5, warning that "with a skyrocketing divorce rate, the American family may well be on the verge of extinction in the next twenty years."

Falwell's son Jerry Falwell Jr. (who is not a reverend like his father) not only posed with a man who cheated on two wives -- and said he does not remember asking God for forgiveness! -- but posed with him in front of a Playboy magazine!

The Christian Post's Michael Farris argued that Trump's meeting with evangelicals "marks the end of the Christian Right." At the time I read his article, I thought he was exaggerating, but perhaps my hesitance was misplaced.

Granted, Playboy magazine no longer has nude photos as of October 2015. Nonetheless, there were nudes in that issue on the wall, and the Reverend Jerry Falwell's own son posed with his wife right in front of it.

If that doesn't mark the end of a tradition of moral leadership, I don't know what would. Trump's comments about Jesus' ego are just the icing on the cake.