Egypt: Muslim Mob Attacks Elderly Christian Woman, Marches Her Naked Through Streets, Shouting 'Allahu Akbar

Security officials say six men were arrested. They added that they're looking for 12 more suspects. Somewhat surprisingly in this day and age, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi has publicly condemned the attack, explaining that it's a patriotic commitment to defend the honor of Egyptian women, regardless of their religion:

The rights and the protection of their dignity are a humanitarian and patriotic commitment before being a legal and constitutional one.

That sounds wonderfully tolerant, but the fact of the matter is that even el-Sisi's government is doing little to nothing to protect Egyptian Christians. The cleric quoted above believes that the Christian victims will eventually be forced into accepting "humiliating" conditions for "reconciliation." In other words, they'll just have to roll with this denigrating treatment because, in Egypt, Christians are little more than dhimmis: they have a "right" to live, but have to "accept" the "superiority" of Muslims.

There are two kinds of people in most Islamic countries: the Muslim ubermenschen and untermenschen of minority religions.

Hitler would be proud.

It goes to show why Christian organizations such as Open Doors have to be supported by Christians living in the West, where we're still safe (and prosperous). This organization is working in the world's most oppressive countries, empowering Christians through a host of programs and, of course, charitable works. They're doing vital work, and it's up to us to enable them to continue doing so. If we don't, we'll soon speak about a Christocide that destroyed all Christian communities in the so-called Islamic world.