Disney Lines Up Against Georgia's Religious Freedom Legislation

Naturally, the Left refuses to see the truth of the bill, and they continue to speak out against Georgia:

In a statement, the president of the LGBT-focused civil rights organization Human Rights Campaign praised Disney's action and criticized proponents of the bill.

“It's appalling that anti-LGBT activists in Georgia are trying to pass legislation creating an explicit right to discriminate against LGBT Americans,” said Chad Griffin, who called on Hollywood to stop making film and TV shows in Georgia at a gala the group held in L.A. last week. “We urge other studios, major corporations, and fair-minded Georgians to continue speaking out and urging Gov. Deal to veto this heinous piece of legislation sitting on his desk.”

It would be one thing if these folks spoke out against HB 757 on the merits of the legislation, but instead they choose to either ignore the actual text of the bill or they blatantly lie about what it says (and I'm inclined to believe the latter).

The Left is forcing Georgia's governor to make a choice between the large numbers of people of faith in his state and a small but vocal number of activists. It will be interesting to see where Nathan Deal—who strong-armed the legislature into making compromises to the bill before he would even consider signing it—will side.