4 Ways Christians Can Be Happy Warriors in 2016

2. Remember that this world isn't your home.

"Don't make an idol of this country, but while you're here, do your best to change it."

--Erick Erickson, Atlanta's Evening News with Erick Erickson, 2/15/2016

One way that many Christians in American tend to get it wrong is to idolize America. I hear far too often from fellow believers the overblown belief that the United States is a nation that is especially blessed by God as though there were some Biblical mandate of blessing for our country. As much as I love America and feel privileged to be a citizen, this notion simply isn't true.

American Christians have conflated Christianity with "American values." Russell Moore puts it this way:

Most Americans agreed on certain traditional values: monogamous marriage, the nuclear family, the right to life, the good of prayer and church attendance, free enterprise, a strong military, and the basic goodness of the American way of life. The argument was that this consensus represented the real America, and that, for evangelical Christians, evangelical Christianity represented the best way to preserve those values and to attain those ideals.

Those of us who are believers should never forget that we are travelers here on earth and that we have an eternal true home. We should do what we can to make this nation the best it can be, but at the same time we shouldn't make an idol of our earthly home. We need to keep our eyes on the prize of eternity, because that's where we can get our greatest encouragement.