LeBron James' Statement of Faith

Vardon peppers his coverage of James' admission with cutesy lines like:

Who knew the King James Bible had a New Orleans dateline?


You know, neither Irving nor Shumpert could've knocked Holiday's game-tying three out of the sky. Nor could they have given James' jumper the proper guidance it needed to find the center of the hoop.

Jesus, though...

The articles headline puts "Jesus Christ" in quotes, as though nobody at the website quite knows what to do with the name of the Son of God. ("Who is this guy LeBron's talking about?" "I don't know. He sounds like an expletive.")

I've gained a new respect for LeBron James after hearing of his simple statement of faith, witty yet profound. Kudos to King James for sharing his faith in a surprising way. At the same time, I'm a bit disappointed in Joe Vardon and Cleveland.com for using the quote to make fun of James for admitting that there's Somebody out there who's bigger and better than he is.