The Real Value of Time Alone with God

3. Time Alone with God Allows You to Speak to Him With Undivided Attention

One of the things I love about getting away to spend time alone with God is the fact that my prayers are clearer and more focused. I don't veer off on tangents, lose my train of thought, or allow myself to zone out. In short, I give my undivided attention to Him.

I speak and sing my praises to Him, thank Him for the blessings that I lose count of, share my needs and the needs of others, and ask Him to take care of people I'm concerned about. My prayers are always fresher and more heartfelt when I'm able to get away from daily routines to have conversations with Him.

4. Time Alone with God Allows Him to Speak Directly to You

Our staff assignment from Scott consisted of getting away and asking God to answer two questions:

What do You want to do through me?

What do You want to do through those I lead?

I wrote the answers down in my journal. God answered the questions and gave me some specific instructions regarding my ministry team and some admonishments about my physical and spiritual well-being.

Don't expect to hear some audible voice -- though God can do that if He wants to. Just trust in that still, small voice to give you some kind of instruction or encouragement.

I also hear from Him through the scriptures -- in this case, I found myself drawn to the boldness and commitment of the early church in Acts 4. There's just something about paring away the distractions that makes hearing from God so much clearer.

If you're a believer in the God of the Bible, I challenge you to give the personal Sabbath a try. Take a day to get away and spend time alone with God. I can guarantee you won't regret it.


Images courtesy of Shutterstock / SyzSV & Christopher Mobley