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CNN Wants You to Know That an 'Adult' Website Did Not Sponsor Its Election Coverage

CNN Wants You to Know That an 'Adult' Website Did Not Sponsor Its Election Coverage
Townhall/Julio Rosas

CNN has announced that no, one of the top x-rated sites on the internet did not sponsor its election coverage.

Someone loosed upon the internet a faked video showing CNN anchor John King on election night manning his “multi-touch collaboration wall” or “magic wall” making election predictions, when suddenly a banner ad for the company Porn Hub appears.

It’s very funny. Well, at least former CNN show host Piers Morgan thought it was.

And he wasn’t the only one. Barstool Sports got a chuckle out of it.

There are those who thought someone behind the scenes had the x-rated site up and accidentally flashed the logo on live TV, but it doesn’t work that way.

Following the light-up ad that is similar to the ones seen during football and soccer games, King pulls a face that makes it seem as if he saw it.

It was not funny to CNN, however. The network was quite cranky about the spoof and the possibility that people might think it’s true. A Twitter user asked if it could have been real, to which CNN’s John King icily responded, “Not. Some clown taking time away from lying about something else apparently because they don’t like math.”

Come on, John, it’s CNN. How many people could possibly have seen it?

CNN sports reporter Tancredi Palmeri tried to set the record straight about the unusual “sponsor” by showing the actual video.

Hey guys, we knew it was fake.

Most people don’t watch CNN, but it turns out millions of people saw the fake video on Twitter and Facebook and had quite a laugh over it.

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