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Trump Wins Florida, Shocking 'Influential' Pollsters

Trump Wins Florida, Shocking 'Influential' Pollsters
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President Trump never doubted that he would win his new home state of Florida, but there are pollsters with some egg on their faces now. And it shows another thing: Barack Obama has no coattails.

Former President Barack and Michelle Obama stumped through Florida and appeared to have had little effect in the Sunshine State. On a call earlier in on Election Day, the Biden campaign tamped down expectations about Florida and Pennsylvania, saying the former vice president could win even if he loses those states. Now he’ll have to do it without Florida.

With Joe Biden picking up big state electoral votes as expected in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, Trump needed a big bushel of electoral votes. Trump’s win in Florida means he grabs 29 desperately needed electoral votes.

The win for Trump also buttresses the Trafalgar Group’s claim to be the most accurate pollsters around. Robert Cahaly of the polling firm said he never had any doubt that Trump would win Florida.

Cahaly said the Cubans — he even checked the anti-socialist Cuban graffiti, the COVID lockdowns, the Space Force, and Florida being Trump’s home state — created a favorable atmosphere for the Trump win.

But not so over at FiveThirtyEight, whose orb, Nate Silver, predicted a Biden win.

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