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Trump Gains Slight Lead in Pennsylvania Days Before the Election

Trump supporters gather at the Harrisburg International Airport in Middleton, Pennsylvania, for one of President Trump's rallies Townhall Media/Ellie Bufkin

The Trafalgar Group, which correctly predicted a win for President Trump in 2016 and has predicted another one in 2020, has released its latest presidential poll out of the huge battleground state of Pennsylvania.

For the first time, President Trump has taken a lead there. It’s a sliver of an advantage for Trump and it obviously means the numbers are moving, with some undecided voters breaking for the president.

The poll, showing Trump with a .8% lead over Biden, was taken over the weekend before the anti-police riots started. The difference falls into the margin of error for the poll, which is 2.91%. There were 1079 participants in the poll. Robert Cahaly, the CEO of the polling firm, says he won’t issue a poll with fewer than 1000 people in any state. See my recent story about Cahaly’s methodology and polling philosophy here.

As I wrote recently, Cahaly has issued a red flag over Pennsylvania, where he predicts a Trump win, but fears it could be stolen from him by massive voter fraud.

I believe Pennsylvania to be the number one state that Trump could win and have stolen from him through voter fraud. Pennsylvania has had a lot of voter fraud over the years and giving people unsolicited absentee ballots is literally like giving voter fraud operations steroids. I think it’s the state he’s most likely to win and not get the votes from.

As I reported in PJ Media’s recent Ballot Shenanigans, the Supreme Court deadlocked 4-4 last week to hold in place Pennsylvania’s hastily-changed election law by the state Supreme Court. The changes, which the Democrats said were necessary due to COVID, allow for a longer counting period AFTER the election, no postmarks showing the ballot to have been received before Election Day, and no signature matching. It’s unbelievably corrupt.

No wonder the Amish are breaking for Trump.

Joe Biden’s obviously taking the latest polling seriously, too. After the media (us) openly questioned why he had an empty official schedule just days before the election, Biden surprised everyone by getting out of his bunker in Delaware, sliding into the back of his chauffeured car, and taking an unscheduled 15-mile jaunt to Chester, Pennsylvania. It took 20 minutes. Then he got before his hastily arranged podium and berated President Trump and took no questions from the assembled media.

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