Election 2020

Amazing! Anti-Trumper 'Lincoln Project' Predicts a Second Term for President Trump

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

The anti-Trump group made up of former point men for losing GOP candidates and their Tokyo Rose at The Washington Post is predicting a second term for President Trump. It’s an astonishing prediction from the group.

Despite their latest ad depicting President Trump as evil despot Fidel Castro and showing grisly political assassinations in an ad directed at Cuban-Americans in Florida, in another ad “The Lincoln Project” predicts a Trump win next week.

In the ad, a mom tiptoes into her young son’s bedroom to wake him and give him the election results.

“Who won?” asks the sleepy child.

“Trump. Trump won,” says mom.

“I thought you could only be president two times,” says the child, whose eyes begin to open and focus on the face of his concerned mother.

“Not anymore,” whispers mom.

See? The group calls the election for Trump next week. Can’t have a third term without second.

Of course, the commercial does what the Project always accuses the president of doing: unseemly trolling and wholesale lying. Trump has never said he’d stick around for a third term, which is unconstitutional. He jokes about “12 More Years!” at his rallies because he knows it drives the Project and other Leftists crazy.

Podcaster Dave Rubin took a moment to collect his thoughts on the ad and the group.

I want to be careful with my words here.
The @ProjectLincoln is a bunch of projecting, mentally ill sociopaths. Nailed it.

Reporter Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept called the group “grifters.”

One of the most impressively successful grifts in US politics in years: a bunch of failed, washed-up, discredited GOP lifers — many responsible for some of the worst sleaze of the Bush/Cheney era — re-branded themselves as #Resistance liberals and made themselves rich off them.

And now The Lincoln Project is turning itself into a media company to Hoover up more cash and turn it into commercials, podcasts, films and pocket change for former White House senior aide Kellyanne Conway’s husband and his friends long after President Trump leaves office.

Axios reported that the new media concern will emulate a progressive group that launched during the 2016 campaign.

NEW: @ProjectLincoln is becoming a media business — It recently signed with UTA to develop Lincoln Media — It’s weighing offers from studios, podcast networks, etc. — Follows the success of Crooked Media after 2016 election

Though progressives and other Never-Trumpers appreciate the help to defeat Trump, Left-leaning The Daily Beast is tiring of the grift.

If the Lincoln Project were serious about winning converts to the Never Trump cause, it would be wrestling with the convictions of conservatives that the Democratic Party stands against or is unmoved by.


They aren’t.


As the accountability organization Open Secrets points out, “The Lincoln Project reported spending nearly $1.4 million through March. Almost all of that money went to the group’s board members and firms run by them.”

Grifters or not, it looks like The Lincoln Project stubbed its toe tiptoeing in the dark on this one.