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Even MSNBC Says Joe Biden's in Trouble After He Opened His Mouth and AOC'S Anti-Oil Words Came Spilling Out

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It must seem surreal to the voters in oil and gas and energy states like West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Texas that every four years the Democratic presidential candidate comes along and vows to kill their jobs. President Obama called for killing coal and raising gas prices to astronomical levels. Hillary Clinton vowed in 2016 to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” And at Thursday night’s debate, Joe Biden, again raised the scythe of death and squared it over the neck of energy workers.

And even MSNBC noticed.

Obama began the regulatory plot to kill coal, oil, and other fossil fuel industries and got gas prices to more than $5.00 a gallon making everything more expensive, from getting to work to groceries. Solyndra, the Potemkin Village of a solar company, is now synonymous with government-subsidized waste. Americans remember this. But this time voters also know that if Biden wins, he’s likely to follow through on the threat.

There’s an accommodation between old Joe and the far-Left radicals in the socialist wing of the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wrote most of Biden’s platform – especially the climate plan called The Green New Deal. Since the name doesn’t poll well, Biden’s campaign instead calls it “The Biden Plan.” Like the GND it calls for massive regulation “for polluters”– oil companies – and the Green New Deal’s goal of “net-zero emissions no later than 2050.” Biden has also parroted AOC’s fanciful nightmare scenario that the world will be beyond hope in less than 12 years because of climate change.

But Thursday night Joe let it all hang out.

This is how it went in a pivotal moment in the debate:

Trump: Would you close down the oil industry?
Biden: I would transition from the oil industry, yes.
Trump: That’s a big statement
Biden: That is a big statement
Trump: Oh that’s a big statement
Moderator: Why would you do that?
Biden: Because the oil industry pollutes signifanctly. Here’s the deal.
Trump: That’s a big statement
Biden: Well if you’ll let me finish the statement because it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time. Over time. And I’d stop giving to the oil industry, I’d stop giving them federal subsidies. He [pointing at Trump] give federal subsidies to the gas, excuse me, to the uh, solar and wind. Why are we giving to the oil industry.
Trump: We actually do give it to solar and wind.
Moderator: interrupts
Trump: And that’s maybe the biggest statement in terms of business – that’s the biggest statement
Moderator: interrupts
Trump: [Talks over her] Because basically what he’s saying is he’s going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that Texas? Will you remember that Pennsylvania? Oklahoma? Ohio?
Moderator: interrupts

Though the moderator tried to run interference for Biden and move on, Trump cut through the noise, quieting his voice and saying, “Basically what he’s saying is he’s going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that Texas? Will you remember that Pennsylvania? Oklahoma? Ohio?” While the moderator tried to drown out Trump on his appeal to the energy-rich states and move on to another issue, Biden’s vow was out. It was spilled on the floor like the sticky aftermath of the kegger you swore you wouldn’t throw while your folks were out of town.

Well, Joe, the folks came home early. They smell the stale beer, their feet are sticking to the floor, and they’re giving you the hairy eyeball.

MSNBC sent a reporter to Beaver County, Pa., where the reporter talked of the resurgence in the energy industry there, and – you’ll want to steady yourself – sort of gave Trump the credit for it.

A former oil and gas worker and parent Kellie Lechene told MSNBC that Joe’s lying about his energy policy and that kegger.

To hear him voice his opinions on the energy industry and how he wants to be zero emissions,  all I can think about is that is going to hit the taxpayers and that is going to hit home harder for the middle class. He wasn’t being as honest as he says he’s being.

On MSNBC? Unbelievable.

Currently, the Trafalgar Group calls for Trump to win Pennsylvania, and the race is tightening, but the prediction comes with a huge proviso: if and only if there isn’t widespread voter fraud. That’s a big “if” considering the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that ballots can be collected past election day and that the signatures on the voter registration and the ballot DON’T HAVE TO MATCH.

See the video from the debate about  Joe Biden’s oil plan. Devastating.



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