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Senator Rand Paul and Others Attacked by Rioters After Trump RNC Speech

Senator Rand Paul and Others Attacked by Rioters After Trump RNC Speech
Brendan Gutenschwage

“Peaceful protesters” rioted, assaulted, intimidated, and blocked VIPs and others who were attempting to walk back to their cars about a block away from where President Trump had just delivered his GOP nomination acceptance speech on the White House lawn.

Among those assaulted by rioters and violent protesters was Senator Rand Paul.

Just got attacked by an angry mob of over 100, one block away from the White House. Thank you to @DCPoliceDept for literally saving our lives from a crazed mob.

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Paul has earned a political violence Hat Trick of sorts. He was at the baseball field and survived the shooting of Republicans by a crazed Bernie Sanders volunteer. He barely survived an attack by his neighbor, who jumped him from behind, broke several of his ribs, and inflicted other injuries. And he survived being mobbed Thursday night near the White House when violent Black Lives Matter Incorporated™ terrorists surrounded and intimidated him.

Rioters Attack Others

This New York Daily News columnist and “Obama guy” used this video to call Senator Paul a “liar” for being afraid for his life. Watch the video.

Rioters and “protesters,” but I repeat myself, imposed a checkpoint for the VIPs, stopping and surrounding them and forcing them to answer their questions and demands.

Rioters Set Up Checkpoints to Block People 

They squared up on Florida Congressman Brian Mast, who lost two legs and a hand in combat and who wears two prosthetic legs.

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The mob forced him to stop while they berated and intimidated him.

Rioters Frighten People on VIP Bus

Protesters blocked, and then hopped on, a bus carrying VIPs. They look like they’re having fun. I’m sure the people inside the bus were terrified they’d be mobbed or set on fire.

As the crowds came out of the protected area, they were forced to go through a gauntlet of people yelling, screaming, jumping at them, using filthy language, and doing their best to intimidate them.

The Mob Pushes and Assaults Man

The mob followed people walking away from the White House. The terrorist bunch was free to surround and assault this man, who had come to the National Mall to watch the firework show after the president’s speech. They pushed him multiple times and shoved him to the ground as he tried to walk with his wife to a safe area. There wasn’t a safe spot.

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They threw liquid at him, and a guy with a bullhorn put it directly in the man’s ear and yelled, “get the f*ck out!” The mob called him a “piece of sh*t,”

As he lay there for a few seconds looking up at the mob, he was probably wondering if he’d make it out alive.

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA blamed the melee on D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser for failing to secure the streets near the White House. He called the violent mob “their voting base.”

Bowser has made no secret of her contempt for the Trump administration.

Maybe this was her way of sending a message to the president.

We vote in 67 days. There’s still time to turn D.C. into Portland and don’t think the mob won’t try.

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