Election 2020

Here's the Joe Biden That Tara Reade Claims Sexually Assaulted Her


You may be hearing the claims by former Senate staffer Tara Reade and thinking there’s no way in hell the Joe Biden you know would throw a woman against a wall and put his hand up her skirt penetrating his fingers in her privates as she’s alleged. He would never contrive to fire her for complaining about it, you might think.

But in the days when Oregon Senator Bob Packwood quit before he was expelled by the Senate for drunken serial smooching in 1995, the US Senate was a veritable boys clubs (and probably still is) with Chris Dodd and Teddy Kennedy sexually assaulting women in “waitress sandwiches” – which were virtual rapes. Drugging, drinking and sexual assault were de riguer in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s.

“Me too” wasn’t a women’s rights slogan at that time, but it may as well have been a vow by male Senators.

These days old Slow Joe looks like an avuncular yuck-em-up kind of guy until he throws down, threatens to slap someone in the face, accuse of people of being full of sh*t, challenge him to a push up contest or dismisses them as a “horse’s ass” – that is when he’s not calling them a “dog faced pony soldier.”

He couldn’t possibly be a masher you might think – until you get a look him sniffing the hair of some unsuspecting child or wife of one of his colleagues in a photo op.

Joe loves to skinny dip in front of female Secret Service agents – how’s that for equal opportunity offensive behavior? Cop a feel? Joe just might be your guy.

From 1987 to 1995 Joe Biden was the chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee. He was ranking member until 1997.  It was on his watch that the term “Borked” came into prominence. Dragging the reputations of the appointments of his political foes through the swampy, muddy waters of DC was his specialty.

That’s not your old Uncle Joe.

Here’s a snippet of him asking Anita Hill weird questions in the “high tech lynching for uppity blacks” that he subjected now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to.

And watch this ew-inducing exchange with Elizabeth Warren back in 2005.

Tara Reade isn’t accusing Joe Biden version 2020 of sexual assault. She’s accusing of sexual assault the 30 years younger, powerful Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee with violent tendencies, who got the best tables at Filomina’s and carved up his political adversaries like a medical examiner.