Election 2020

Here's Joe Biden's Diabolical Campaign Strategy to Fix Disastrous National Media Appearances – Avoid Them

(Zoom screenshot)

Have you seen a cringeworthy Joe Biden star turns on CNN and MSNBC lately?

What am I thinking – does the Pope believe in man-made global warming? Of course you have!

And his team is sick of it.

The Washington Post reports that Joe Biden’s team plans to do “an end-run around Trump as the president dominates the national stage.” Whoa. That sounds muscular. Amazing even. Great idea!

But WaPo‘s nose is growing. Pandemics that cause a depression do have a way of dominating the national media, but that’s not why Biden is making this decision. He’s also not doing an end-run around Trump, he’s doing an end-run around CNN and MSNBC. The hosts are making him look bad by asking him … questions.

The Democratic presidential would-be nominee is taking his show on the road. His campaign team’s latest strategy is a diabolical plot to – bwahahaha! – take advantage of late-night TV lackeys and local news outlets.

Here’s an example of a typical, though apocryphal, late-night exchange between Biden and Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, or Conan O’Brien.

Host: So tell me what it’s like to be as smart as you.

Biden: Well, I, blurble, I’m just a regular, smart, you know, making it. Corn pop. Bad dude.

Host: Well said. What are your bold new plans for the country?

Biden: Are you kiddin’ me, man? I got plans. Big plans. Secret. You know … uh, well I should probably stop now.

Host: I hate Trump. Tell me how much you hate Trump.

Biden: Well, I would take out that guy to the back of the barn. I, blurble, take him out. Push ups.

Host: Skinny dipping, yay or nay?

Biden: Yay. I’ll tell you what. You outta see my hairs on my legs at the pool. Kids sit on my lap.

Host: Well, we’re out of time! Thank you Mr. Vice President.

Biden: Thank you. (motions for Teleprompter to move)

Biden also hopes to take advantage of his multi-watt star power to wow local TV hosts like the Pittsburgh anchorman who asked him, “When you think of Pittsburgh, what do you think of?” Eventually, the anchorman asked about Biden supporting a ban on fracking, and Biden said he wouldn’t. There was no follow-up question, even though Biden has done nothing but talk about destroying fossil fuels and their jobs since he began running.

Biden was with Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and others who wanted to get rid of fossil fuels. Get rid of them all. Fracking included.

Biden wasn’t asked about Second Amendment rights in that interview, either, even though Biden promised to put Beto- ‘Hell Yes We Are Taking Your AR-15’-O’Rourke in charge of doing just that. Pennsylvania is one of the biggest hunting and gun rights states in the U.S.

His campaign is offering Biden’s time in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan for obvious reasons. Trump won in 2016 by paying extra attention to those states.

The Post reported that Biden’s campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield, believes local TV stations are a “cornerstone of our media strategy. People put tremendous faith in their hometown outlets, and we always want to meet people where they are. Sometimes that means bypassing the national media narrative of the day and talking to people in their own backyards.”

Translation: Joe can’t really compete with Trump in talking about the issues of the day and since he’s losing that argument, we’ll put him on local TV not to talk about the important issues of the day so he doesn’t make an abject ass of himself on Anderson Cooper’s show anymore.

Avoiding the national media can last only so long, Joe. Until then, he’s walking off the stage like this.