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Trump Just Donated His Latest Paycheck and the Media Can't Call This a 'Hoax'

As you may know, Donald Trump serves as president for free.

He’s required to get a paycheck but always donates it to some needy cause. KHOU reports Trump’s given his quarterly salary – $100,000 – to these governmental agencies:


  • Q1: NPS (Dept. of Interior)
  • Q2: Dept. of Ed
  • Q3: HHS
  • Q4: Transportation


  • Q1: VA
  • Q2: SBA
  • Q3: NIH
  • Q4: DHS


  • Q1: USDA
  • Q2: Surgeon General
  • Q3: OASH

He seldom gets much good press for doing so. But this time he might.

OK, who am I kidding?

Last week, President Trump called the media’s negative reportage of his response to coronavirus (COVID-19) the latest hoax against him. The media laughably tried to sell the idea that the president had called the virus outbreak a hoax, which was absurd.

Obviously, Trump attacked the virus early and often and much more rigorously than in the past.

This quarter’s presidential salary went to Health and Human Services to help fight the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“This is a meaningless gimmick,” tweeted Robert Maguire, research director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. “President Trump’s decision not to divest his businesses netted him $434 million in personal revenue in 2018 alone – the last year for which data is available. That’s a thousand times more than his presidential salary.”

We’re pretty sure that plenty of people would line up to receive the president’s salary donations.