Election 2020

Really? Bernie Bro Congresswoman Says U.S. Healthcare Is 'Literally Causing People to Die'

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Well, all I can say is it’s a good thing Congress’s gold-plated health insurance covers mental health issues because there’s a member who believes that people are “literally” dropping like fainting baby goats because of the U.S. healthcare system.


It’s just the latest whopper we’ve heard on the election 2020 campaign trail and there have been quite a few:

  • Joe Biden singing “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” while running his tin cup along the bars of a South African jail cell next to U.S. Ambassador Andrew Young, who, oddly, doesn’t remember being arrested.  OK, I might be exaggerating here. I added the tin cup and spiritual.
  • We’ve heard about how Elizabeth Warren’s “high cheekbones” proved she was Native American (she’s not) and how she got “fired” from a job for being pregnant (she didn’t).
  • Cory Booker’s “T-Bone” and Joe Biden’s “Cornpop” characters have made appearances over the years.
  • Mike Bloomberg has been taking a bow for guiding New York through 9/11 when he wasn’t even mayor yet.
  • Bernie Sanders has been waxing poetic about Castro’s Cuban literacy program while ignoring the jails full of political prisoners and the ocean floor littered with human bones because Cubans would rather face a sea of sharks with a shot at freedom than remain for the great healthcare and literacy program.

But behold Bernie surrogate and supporter, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal of Washington state, who claims on Sanders’s behalf, that the American health care system needs to take over by the government because – wait for it: “We have a healthcare system that literally causes people to die.”

The woman who emigrated to the United States from two Third-World nations when she was 16 believes the American healthcare system “literally” kills people because it’s just not socialistic enough. She called for the adoption of Sanders’s “tiny” tax on “Wall Street speculation” (your 401k’s and other instruments) to pay for the utopian health care system called “Medicare for all,” in which the government rations healthcare:

“Well if you did it on Wall Street speculation and obviously on the people who invest on the stock market who make enormous amounts of money would be paying that tiny financial transactions tax on their financial transactions. And I think the thing here to think about is we have a health care system that literally causes people to die.

… the system as a whole will cost us $55 trillion over the next ten years, so the question becomes, why would you protect the status quo? How do we make sure that every person has universal care?”

Well, actually no one is talking about “protecting the status quo,” and “universal care” preordains medical care rationing at a cost even higher than Medicare. Medicare is a mandatory government program that is perennially going broke and rationing care. Senior citizens have to “literally” buy a private insurance plan so they don’t die waiting for a doctor.

Bernie Sanders wants to replicate the last medical program that “literally [caused] people to die,” the Veterans Administration, where corrupt bureaucrats lied and altered waiting lists of people who were “literally” dying waiting for care. That’s his plan for you.

President Trump ended the horror by ushering in medical choice so veterans could go to PRIVATE doctors OUTSIDE the overtaxed VA system to get the help they needed.

We already know how this government utopia ends, congresswoman.