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Report: Obama Hates Bernie and May Meddle in 2020 Election to Torpedo His Campaign

Report: Obama Hates Bernie and May Meddle in 2020 Election to Torpedo His Campaign
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) acknowledges the cheering crowd after a rally Feb. 19, 2016, in Henderson, Nev. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

In 2016, Hillary Clinton rigged the primary delegate counts to get around Bernie Sanders’s insurgent presidential campaign. She also got him to back off from talking about her email server that was squelching her chances.

In 2020, she placed a well-timed stink bomb into the body politic when she planted a story about nobody liking Sanders, which drew this response from Instapundit, who quipped, “…if she’d really wanted to hurt him, she would have endorsed him.”

Even President Trump has pointed out that the campaign against Bernie by Democrats is in full swing in 2020.

Now comes former President Obama.

Fox Business reporter Charles Gasparino reports that there is another “civil war” inside the Democratic Party in 2020 and Obama wants Bernie Sanders tossed out of the presidential race.


Furthermore, he’s thinking about doing it in public if these planted stories such as Gasparino’s don’t send a serious enough message:

“President Obama believes that Bernie Sanders is both unelectable in the general election and he is a bridge too far.  If you think about it, President Obama was a very progressive president, but he did put together a coalition of blue-collar whites, African-Americans [and] women. He continued the Bush bailouts. He did not socialize medicine.”

The 44th president would, metaphorically of course, place his stiletto in Bernie’s back between the third and fourth ribs and puncture the heart of his campaign. Bernie’s campaign could bleed out before anyone sees Obama’s wound.

Gasparino told Tucker Carlson on Fox News that his sources are Democrats on Wall Street who are sending up a flare to alert Democrats that Sanders is too far Left.

“Obama, Gasparino added, has effectively said, ‘Whoa, we have a candidate who is literally saying we should give away free stuff [and] he’s not telling us how to pay for it.'”

But Bernie seems to fit the 2020 Democratic Party seemingly being run by the hard-Left likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Bernie Sanders.

The latest numbers for Iowa on the Real Clear Politics polling website show Sanders has made significant gains, though Biden has taken the lead:

Screenshot/Real Clear Politics

Sanders leads in New Hampshire, the contest that follows the Iowa caucuses:

Screenshot/Real Clear Politics

National polls, though interesting, are of little value at this point in the primaries. It comes down to the first batch of caucuses and primaries to give candidates the buzz and momentum to make it to Super Tuesday.

Obama may put his thumb on the scale before too long to stop the civil war and sink Sanders’s chances in favor of someone who won’t implode the Democratic Party.