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Trump Campaign Highlights 'Deeply Alarming' Election Red Flags Across the Country

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel drew attention to “highly alarming” election red flags in a Monday press conference. She excoriated the legacy media for overlooking these concerns and asked reporters to interview the Americans who are worried about the legitimacy of the election results.

“Democrats and the media want to ignore these irregularities,” McDaniel said. She argued that if President Donald Trump were ahead in preliminary results, legacy media outlets would refrain from calling the election but “because it’s Biden and a very slight lead, the media demands the race is over and there’s nothing to see here.”

McDaniel said her office has received a deluge of calls from worried voters. “I am asking the media, interview these people, talk to these people,” she said.

The RNC chairwoman listed many worrisome reports, mostly in Michigan. She noted that Wayne County poll watchers have been denied the right to observe ballot counting, she repeated reports of “blocked windows and padlocked doors,” and “thousands of reports of poll watchers being intimidated and unable to do their job.”

She lamented that “thousands of people who spent hours” working on the integrity of the election “don’t feel like there was transparency.”

“Even one instance of voter fraud should be too many for all of us,” McDaniel insisted.

The RNC chairwoman referenced reports from election staffers who testified that “they were told to backdate the ballots to November 2 or November 3” even though the ballots came in after Election Day and that other election officials were “coaching voters to vote for Joe Biden.” She also referenced the human error — originally reported as a “glitch” — in Antrim County that reportedly switched 6,000 Trump votes to Biden.

“What we are seeing is deeply alarming,” McDaniel said. “We are asking the questions that many of you should.”

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary who spoke at the press conference in her personal capacity, noted that thousands of out-of-state voters cast ballots in Nevada.

“What we’re asking from you right now is patience,” McEnany insisted.

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