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Trump Campaign Mobilizes Historic Ground Game to Make Sure Legal Ballots Count

Trump Campaign Mobilizes Historic Ground Game to Make Sure Legal Ballots Count
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The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) launched a historic ground game to get out the vote in the 2020 election. According to campaign manager Bill Stepien, many of the staffers who mobilized that ground game are now at work contacting voters whose ballots need to be “cured.”

“We are on the ground fighting this battle every day,” Stepien told reporters in a press call on Thursday. “We have 120 of our staffers from our Georgia team contacting people whose ballots need to be cured — we’ve created walk books,” a term for lists of addresses that campaign staff and volunteers use to reach voters in person.

According to Stepien, there are “8,000 Republican ballots in need of being cured” in Georgia.

These votes were cast legally, but they were rejected for process reasons — either the voter forgot to sign a mail-in ballot or had some other mix-up. The process of “curing” a ballot involves filling out an affidavit and using a valid ID to verify the voter’s identity.

The Trump campaign predicted an outright win in the remaining states, but officials also raised the alarm about alleged voter fraud. “Democrats are lying, cheating, and stealing across the country,” Stepien argued. “It’s an absolute disgrace.”

“This would make the Chicago Democrats in 1960 blush,” he added, referring to the Chicago politicians who altered the vote for John F. Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election.

The campaign has filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and Georgia. The campaign claims that state election officials refused to give election monitors access to the counting of ballots in key states.

Before the November 3 election, Trump Victory, the joint field effort between the RNC and the Trump campaign, made 185 million volunteer voter contacts, five times the number team Trump did in the 2016 election and more than the Obama reelection effort of 150 million voter contacts in 2012.

“With over 3,000 staff and our volunteer army of 2.6 million volunteers trained and activated, the RNC and Trump campaign have the largest political operation in history,” the campaign announced on Election Day. This volunteer army surpassed the Obama reelection campaign’s 2.2 million volunteers.

Trump Victory also held 74,000 grassroots events, secured nearly 174,000 new voter registrations, and reached out to minority communities. The RNC and Trump campaign had 15 Black Voices for Trump community centers, 17 Latino Voices for Trump community centers, and 8 Asian Pacific Americans for Trump community centers.

What remains of this massive grassroots effort is now geared toward making sure Trump votes count in the swing states. As the struggle for this election continues, this effort may have a crucial impact on the final results.

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