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Joe Biden and His Wife Jill Omit Hunter Biden's Love Child From List of Grandchildren

Former Vice President (and presumptive Democratic nominee) Joe Biden seems confused about the number of grandchildren he has. Last week, he told Jimmy Fallon he has five. On Sunday night, his wife Jill Biden said they have six. In reality, the Bidens have seven grandchildren, at least biologically. The former veep appeared to miss the memo after his youngest son Hunter Biden welcomed a child into the world late last month, but it appears both Uncle Joe and his wife Jill are deliberately excluding another child from the list.

Last Wednesday, the presumptive Democratic nominee appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. He told the host, “I have five grandchildren. Every single day I either talk to them or we text. I’ve got family scattered around like I suspect everybody does.”

The proud grandpa apparently forgot Hunter Biden’s new baby boy, born over the previous weekend, The Washington Examiner reported.

At a virtual town hall on Sunday night, Jill Biden set the record straight.* “We have three children, and we have six grandchildren,” she announced early in the video. Uncle Joe added that the grandchildren range from “seniors in law school to little infants.”

Even this revised count still ends up one grandchild short, however. Joe and Jill Biden had four children: Beau, Hunter, Naomi, and Ashley. Naomi died in a tragic car accident with her mother Nelia — an accident involving a driver Joe Biden falsely claimed was drunk. Beau had two children — Natalie and Robert Hunter Biden II — before he tragically died of a brain tumor. Ashley is married but does not have any children.

That leaves 50-year-old Hunter Biden, whose notorious dealings with the Ukrainian gas firm Burisma featured prominently in the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate potential corruption after Joe Biden pressured Ukraine to fire the prosecutor looking into Burisma. The younger son had three children with his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle, to whom he was married for 24 years: Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy.

In 2017, Hunter finalized his divorce from Kathleen after she accused him of spending money on drugs and strip clubs. Later that year, he started dating Hallie Biden, Beau’s widow. He broke up with her in April 2019. Lunden Alexis Roberts, a former Washington, D.C. stripper, has sued Hunter for child support. Her child was born in August 2018, and a paternity test confirmed that the ex-veep’s notorious youngest son is the father. In other words, Hunter Biden cheated on his late brother’s widow.

In May 2019, Hunter Biden, 49, married Melissa Cohen, 33, in a surprise wedding — six days after meeting her. Cohen gave birth to a son in late March. Joe Biden has not acknowledged the birth, nor did he attend the couple’s wedding, although he did thank Cohen for “giving my son the courage to love again.”

Joe Biden’s statement to Jimmy Fallon and Jill Biden’s “correction” raise a host of questions. Did Joe Biden deliberately omit the newborn from his list of grandchildren? Did he forget a child born just days previously? Do he and his wife deny the existence of Hunter Biden’s love child because his or her existence is politically inconvenient?

Joe Biden’s Christmas photo notably omitted Hunter Biden. Are the Bidens revising down the number of their grandchildren to draw attention away from the black sheep of the family?

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.