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Check Out the Bizarre Ways the Bloomberg Campaign Tried to Get Attention During the Dem Debate

Check Out the Bizarre Ways the Bloomberg Campaign Tried to Get Attention During the Dem Debate
Twitter screenshot of Mike Bloomberg's face on a meatball.

During the Democratic Debate on Tuesday, Mike Bloomberg’s campaign engaged in some rather bizarre attention-seeking. Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor who entered the Democratic presidential race late and has already spent almost as much money as every other candidate combined, did not qualify for the last debate before the Iowa caucuses next month, and his campaign was clearly jealous of the Democrats who did.

The “Team Bloomberg” Twitter account (@Mike2020) issued a series of attention-grabbing statements, starting with the reiteration of a promise to “tweet” “fun stuff” — nay, “the best stuff.”

“We promised to tweet stuff. We promised fun stuff. We promised the best stuff. Here we go,” the campaign tweeted.

The campaign began to tweet a list of #BloombergFacts clearly designed to grab attention.

“As a child, Mike was in the Boy Scouts. So, he wasn’t always the crazy, wild man you see today,” Team Bloomberg tweeted.

After some true, rudimentary facts about the candidate, the campaign jumped to a Batman comparison.

“Like Bruce Wayne, Mike is a cosmopolitan philanthropist. As far as whether Mike dons a disguise to fight crime at night, we are legally not allowed to say,” Team Bloomberg tweeted.

Then came the meatball with Mike Bloomberg’s face.

That image later became the profile picture of the campaign Twitter account.

In the unlikely event Bloomberg ever becomes president, his Secret Service code name will be “Brad Pitt.”

The cash-strapped billionaire once accepted a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon, for… Swiffer refills. No, Swiffer did not retweet this.

The campaign posed serious policy questions, such as, “IN ADDITION TO AN OPEN OFFICE CONCEPT EAST ROOM, WHAT OTHER CHANGE SHOULD MIKE IMPLEMENT?” The options: Situation Room Omelet Bar, Treadmill Desk in the Oval Office, Map Room Mechanical Bull, Swim-Up Bar in the Potomac. Yes, Team Bloomberg included images.

How dare Bloomberg attack my Hawaiian pizza!

Many Democrats have been complaining that the primary field lacks diversity. Well, Mike Bloomberg would be the first president with functioning gills! Top that. Sorry, Chester Arthur. (I know, I know, Harry Potter beat him to it. But that was all Neville’s fault!)

Isn’t this “cultural appropriation”?

Team Bloomberg started disseminating “facts” about the debate that were … less than truthful. Where’s PolitiFact when you need them?!

Also, the former New York mayor is Aquaman, just so you know.

Culinary lies are still lies, Bloomberg campaign!

At least former Mayor Bloomberg never bought into the ridiculous “round Earth” conspiracy theory…

Yes, many of these tweets are fun, if not hilarious, and you’re probably wondering where the bizarre ones are.

There were two tweets the Bloomberg campaign decided were too embarrassing to leave on the internet. Don’t worry, though, intrepid reporters like The Washington Examiner‘s Emily Larsen preserved them for all eternity.

“When choosing your candidate, remember…Mike can fit nine D batteries in his mouth at one time,” Team Bloomberg tweeted. Um… Okay?

But it gets even more bizarre. “UPDATE: as of last night, it’s now up to 11.”

So, Meatball-Batman-Aquaman likes putting … batteries?!?!?! … into his mouth.

Many of these tweets were more fun than bizarre, but that’s just weird. I was totally on board with this Bloomberg guy — he may hate soda, but at least some staffers on his campaign have got some fun personality! But batteries are just a bridge too far for me, personally.

It’s a real shame. *Sigh* I really wanted that pop-up bar on the Potomac!

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