Election 2020

Trump Supporters OWN Protesters, Blocking USSR Flag With Trump Flag at Rally

Twitter screenshot of USSR flag held by anti-Trump protesters.

At the Trump rally on Tuesday night in Milwaukee, a small group of protesters accosted Trump supporters in the overflow section. In a symbolic moment, the protesters displayed the red hammer-and-sickle flag of the Soviet Union. Trump supporters “photobombed” that flag by placing a blue Trump flag in front of it.

“There’s anti-Trump protesters with the Soviet Union flag and so Trump supporters photo bombed them with a Trump flag,” Townhall Senior Writer Julio Rosas tweeted. His message included a photo of the red flag, held by a protester who wore a bandana to hide his face. His next photo showed the blue Trump flag in front of it.

Rosas reported that Trump supporters at the rally far outnumbered the protesters, who held signs reading “Tuck Frump,” and “Deport racists & fascists, not migrants.”

One protester held a sign showing Trump in a toilet bowl.

Fights started breaking out after the rally between Trump supporters on their way out and angry protesters confronting them.

While the protest involved many riveting moments, the incident with the USSR flag and the Trump flag may be the most significant. Far-left Democrats are campaigning to replace Trump with big-government solutions. Bernie Sanders even honeymooned in the USSR during the Cold War! Yet the president is in a strong position to face these Democrats and win re-election.

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