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Disgusting Ad Depicts Latino Kids Running From Menacing Ed Gillespie, Confederate Flag Pickup Truck

A leftist organization released a new ad Saturday that continues the menacing smear that the Republican candidate for Virginia governor, Ed Gillespie, is a white supremacist just like the rioters in Charlottesville. The ad depicts a group of minority children running from a pickup truck with an Ed Gillespie bumper sticker.

As the menacing truck closes in on the minority kids, a boy wakes up, to be comforted by his father. “Is this what Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie mean by ‘the American dream’?” the voiceover asks, as the ad depicts a man who could be Ed Gillespie watching footage of the riots in Charlottesville.

While the ad does not explicitly suggest that Gillespie is the driver of the pickup truck, as NTK Network reported, it certainly suggests Gillespie is a racist in league with the kind of people who would target Latino, Muslim, and black children. The ad is utterly disgusting, and not based in any facts.

The ad opens with a Latino boy running and then pans in on the truck. The first shot shows a Confederate flag (the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, to be precise). The boy runs across two friends, a girl wearing a hijab and a black boy, as the truck closes in. He tells them to run.

As the four children flee, the camera zooms in on the back of the truck, which displays a proud “Gillespie for Governor” bumper sticker. The license plate features a Gadsden flag with the popular Tea Party slogan, “Don’t Tread on Me.”

The kids run into an enclosed area and come up next to a metal fence. Just when the truck would have run the kids over, the children wake up from the nightmare.

Then comes the voiceover and the footage of Ed Gillespie watching the rally in Charlottesville. “Is this what Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie mean by the American dream?”

The ad, paid for by the Latino Victory Fund, is called “LVF American Nightmare Virginia.” LVF previously attacked Gillespie in an ad early this month, which also tied the Virginia governor candidate to President Donald Trump and the rioters in Charlottesville. That ad explicitly endorsed Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, the Democratic candidate.

Northam himself, along with the Virginia Democratic Party, attacked Gillespie as a white supremacist in a mailer sent to Democrats across the state last week. The mailer pictured Trump and Gillespie with the torch-bearing protesters in Charlottesville, with the caption, “On Tuesday, November 7th, Virginia gets to stand up … to hate.”

Virginia’s sitting governor, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, actually stood by the attack. “I think the hatred and bigotry that we saw … the hatred, the white supremacy, the KKK, the alt-right is the same divisive Trump politics that Ed Gillespie is using in his ads today,” McAuliffe told NBC4 Washington’s Julie Carey. “There is no difference. They are bringing fear, hatred, bigotry to our state.”

mailer showing angry white men with torches beneath Donald Trump in a red Make America Great Again had and Ed Gillespie.

Flyer equating Ed Gillespie and Donald Trump with the white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va. Photo Credit: Tyler O’Neil, PJ Media.

To be fair, Gillespie has launched ads tying Northam and McAuliffe to the notorious gang MS-13, arguing that the Democrat administration’s immigration policies have made Virginia more vulnerable to attacks from that gang.

These attacks — while definitely pushing the envelope — pale in comparison to the efforts to link Gillespie to white supremacists, however.

When McAuliffe defended the mailer, Carey responded in disbelief. “Ed Gillespie from the beginning has disavowed the white nationalists, has condemned what they did,” the host said. She even quoted Gillespie, who called the Charlottesville protesters “off of the political spectrum.”

In a near immediate response to Charlottesville, Gillespie declared, “Having the right to spew vile hate does not make it right. It is painful to see these ugly events in Charlottesville last night and today. These displays have no place in our Commonwealth, and the mentality on display is rejected by the decent, thoughtful, and compassionate fellow Virginians I see every day.”

It is absolutely despicable for the Democrats to be attacking Gillespie for Charlottesville, given his outspoken condemnation of the riots. That the Latino Victory Foundation would stoop to the level of suggesting Gillespie wants to run a truck over minority children should reveal just how desperate the Democrats and their leftist allies truly are.

Virginians need to vote for Gillespie, if for no other reason than to show Democrats and leftists that comparing this man to white supremacists is beyond the pale. No candidate who smears his opponent this way should win.

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