Election 2020

Democrats Sing When Republican Health Care Bill Passes

When the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), repealing parts of Obamacare, Democrats actually broke out into song. Yes, they actually started singing about the very thing liberals warned would kill thousands of people.

“Na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!” the Democrats jeered in a football stadium cheer. Their glee was palpable as Republicans took the plunge of reforming health care, an act Democrats seem to think will destroy the GOP.

As NTK Network reported, however, this doesn’t exactly fit the dire messaging of liberals who warned that the AHCA would cost lives. Democrat (?) Bernie Sanders argued that “thousands” would perish, while Think Progress estimated that 36,000 Americans “could die every year, year after year.” Vox chimed in, saying Obamacare repeal is “a question of life and death.”

Nevertheless, the Democrats seemingly forgot this hard-crafted liberal messaging. Unable to restrain themselves at the prospect of electoral victories in politics, these gleeful congressmen and congresswomen broke into song.

As Ben Pershing, managing editor at National Journal, explained, “Democrats can claim to be happy (for political/electoral reasons) that this bill passed, but that’s very risky.”

Heidi  Przybyla, senior politics reporter at USA Today, reported that “singing the wipeout/goodbye song was ‘spontaneous,’ not discussed in this mornings meeting.”

ABC Political Director Rick Klein humbly admitted, “I don’t get the optics of this one.” (I don’t think the Democrats do, either.)

Democrats may think that the AHCA’s passage dooms Republicans, but they also thought Jon Ossoff would triumph in the Georgia 6th special election. It turns out, politics is more complicated than just pointing the finger at Donald Trump — but shh! Don’t tell Democrats that.

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