Election 2020

Mass. Poll: Liz Warren Loses — Even Among Democrats! — to GOP Governor

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who might be weighing a 2020 presidential bid, is more disliked than her state’s Republican governor — even among Democrats! A new poll found Warren more divisive among members of her own party than a Republican.

According to a new WBUR poll of small central Massachusetts towns that voted for President Trump, a vast majority of Democrats viewed Warren as favorable (76 percent), while slightly fewer Democrats had a similar impression of Governor Charlie Baker (71 percent). But more Democrats had a more unfavorable impression of Warren (19 percent) than of Baker (12 percent).

Worse, Warren only enjoyed a 5-point advantage over Baker — among members of her own party — but she suffered a 7-point disadvantage when it comes to unfavorability.

By contrast, the Republican Baker is actually more popular among Democrats (71 percent) than Republicans (65 percent). Not surprisingly, Warren is deeply unpopular on the other side of the aisle. A mere 8 percent of Republicans viewed her favorably, while a whopping 83 percent said they had an “unfavorable” impression of the Senator.

The bad news doesn’t stop there. Only 39 percent of overall voters viewed Warren favorably, with a full 50 percent viewing her unfavorably. Forty-six percent of respondents specifically said that Warren has been too critical of President Trump — a bad sign if she tries to run against him in three years.

To be fair to Warren, Baker is the most popular governor in America, and like the other top ten most popular governors, he is a Republican.

Also, this poll —conducted last weekend through phone calls to 501 voters in central Massachusetts with a 4.4 percent margin of error — focused on areas where a plurality of voters said they pulled the lever for Donald Trump last November.

Even so, these results are not pretty for Warren, who is publishing a new book at the end of this month and seems to be weighing a potential presidential race in 2020. If members of her own party in her own state find her more unfavorable than a Republican governor, that presents a serious problem.