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7 Obituaries Asking People to Vote Against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

7 Obituaries Asking People to Vote Against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton
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When a loved one dies, the family writes an obituary, encouraging people to remember the deceased.  Often, they request flowers or ask that readers contribute to a charity in the name of the loved one. In recent months, however, these requests have become increasingly political.

In this campaign cycle, the requests focus on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump or likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Requests that people not vote for these two tend to pick up attention, and illustrate the depth of animus toward the vote leaders in both parties.

Here is PJ Media’s list of political obituaries.

1. Katherine M. Hinds, WA, Against Trump

Image Via Shutterstock

Image Via Shutterstock

The family of Katherine Michelle Hinds, who died April 29 in Seattle, Washington, at the age of 34, asked mourners not to vote for the real estate tycoon. “In lieu of flowers, do not vote for Donald Trump,” the obituary states, simply.

Hinds grew up in Alabama, so her obituary appeared on the Opelika-Auburn News website. The tribute recalled her as a “blue, southern girl from a Red, southern state,” and her mother told the Associated Press that although the woman never asked for the anti-Trump message, the family agree she would have approved.

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2. Elaine Fydrych, NJ, Against Clinton

Obituary Image Screenshot

Obituary Image Screenshot

An actress raised in Philadelphia, Elaine Fydrych passed away in August 2015 in Runnemede, NJ. Judging from the announcement of her funeral mass, she was likely a Roman Catholic. Her family recalled that, before she died, Fydrych herself requested, “In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Fydrych had a wide-ranging acting resume: from various theaters to commercials, corporate videos, and minor parts in a few independent films. Her standup comedic act featured in a Comcast local comic special in 2008.

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3. Jeffery H. Cohen, PA, Against Trump

Obituary Screenshot

Obituary Screenshot

Jeffery H. Cohen, a chiropractor and humorist, passed away January 17, 2015, at the age of 70 in Pittsburgh, PA. His obituary in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette states, “Jeffery would ask that in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump.”

Cohen became known as “The Chiropractor to the Stars,” due to his star-studded list of patients. He treated Gold Medal-winning Olympians, members of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater and the Pittsburgh Symphony, and professional boxers. He also treated “Weird Al” Yankovic, and grew up taking pride in being the only Jewish cowboy he knew of. Cohen was famous for saying “The meaning of life is ‘OOPS!'” His practice remains open under the leadership of his son, Dr. James Cohen.

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4. Larry D. Upright, NC, Against Clinton

Obituary Screenshot

Obituary Screenshot

Larry D. Upright passed away at the age of 81 on April 13, 2015, in Concord, NC. His obituary featured this political statement: “The family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. R.I.P. Grandaddy.”

Upright was a member of the Masonic Lodge and a former Shriner of the Year. He retired from the building automation industry and was an avid golfer in his retirement. His “greatest joy was his family and he will forever be remembered as a loving husband, father, and Grandaddy.”

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5. Alba I. Keus, MA, Against Trump

Obituary Screenshot

Obituary Screenshot

Mrs. Alba I. Keus died at age 86 on March 17, 2016, in Everett, MA. Her funeral obituary states, “In lieu of flowers, Alba’s request would be that you do not vote for Donald Trump.”

Keys worked as a secretary until her retirement in 1995. An accomplished concert pianist, she was also a voracious reader and a trivia enthusiast. She also loved history, particularly Native American history, and she also loved to debate politics. Amidst all of this, she had nine children!

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6. Ernest M. Overbey, VA, For Trump

Ernest Maynard “Ernie” Overbey, Jr. passed away at the age of 65 in Richmond, VA, on January 2, 2016. A decorated war hero, Overbey requested contributions to a brain cancer center in lieu of flowers, “and please vote for Donald Trump.”

Ever the self-promoter, The Donald tweeted Overbey’s obituary. In thanking Overbey and praising Overbey, Trump misspelled his name, writing, “Thank you so much. Earnest [sic] must have been a great person.” Overbey was a decorated war hero of World War II, had a dog named Maximus, and taught marketing in Kansas. For 20 years until his death, he owned and operated his own Expedited Delivery Service. An avid golfer, he also was a huge fan of the Washington Redskins.

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7. The False Obituary of Thomas P. Trump

Imgur Screenshot

Imgur Screenshot

An image posted on Imgur on February 3, 2016, purportedly remembered Thomas P. Trump, a supposed cousin of The Donald. The fake obituary listed Thomas P. Trump as born April 18, 1928, and died January 20, 2016.

A “brilliant chemist and philanthropist,” the fictional person was survived by “most notably, his cousin, presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.” The false obituary also included this political statement:

As a proud bearer of the Trump name, I implore you all, please don’t let that walking mucus bag become president. Our surname has been dragged through the mud enough by his slumlord father, but if Donald became the most powerful man on [sic] the world, I just know he’s f*ck up so badly that for the rest of recorded history, the Trump name will be synonymous with some Holocaust-level atrocity like the Cinco de Mayo Massacre or Civil War II.

As the rumor site Snopes.com explained, “The Obituary.com web site shows no record of a man named Thomas P. Trump’s having passed away in January 2016.” While Thomas W. Trump died, he was neither The Donald’s cousin nor the man in the fake obit’s picture. The picture is actually a cropped version of a photo of Santa Barbara man John Pat Cooper posted on Flickr in 2006.

Check out the false obit and the real photo on the last page.

Here’s the “obituary.”

View post on imgur.com

Here’s the photo. the old man and the sea : santa barbara (2006)

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