Election 2020

10 Best 'Occupy CNN' Tweets From Bernie Sanders Supporters

Protesters who “feel the Bern” are camped out in front of CNN’s headquarters in Hollywood, California, complaining about the lopsided coverage the network has given to Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Sanders supporters united online, using the Twitter hashtags #OccupyCNN and #BernieBlackout. Reports have estimated that over 1,000 rallied to push back against allegedly biased reporting. Online, many Sanders backers noted that Time Warner, the company which owns CNN, has contributed heavily to Clinton’s political efforts in the past.

What follows is PJ Media’s list of the ten best tweets from #OccupyCNN. Enjoy!

1. A leading voice for Sanders in California attacked the network for overlooking an event with 27,000 people in Los Angeles.

2. Here’s a street view of the protest.

3. Is this person supporting Sanders or mocking him?

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4. This is just hilarious.

5. “Clinton News Network.” These could be Cruz or Trump supporters.

6. Follow the money.

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7. Feel the Bern-mentum.

8. Four hours later… You will be made to feel the Bern!

9. CNN versus the outside world?

10. And is someone in denial right now?