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Rumors Swirl: 'The Chance of Ben Carson Jumping Onboard with Trump Is Very Real'

Rumors Swirl: 'The Chance of Ben Carson Jumping Onboard with Trump Is Very Real'
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Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson looks to be dropping out of the presidential race, despite multiple declarations to the contrary on Super Tuesday. He will skip out on Thursday night’s debate, and he has openly declared that he does “not see a political path forward.” Carson will speak on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where he is expected to drop out of the race. If so, whom will he endorse?

Sources close to the good doctor have told Independent Journal Review‘s Benny Johnson that Donald Trump is most likely to receive Carson’s endorsement. “Trump was contacting Dr. Carson regularly during the campaign and remains in contact,” a former Carson staffer told Independent Journal Review on condition of anonymity. ”I would not be surprised if the first call Ben got today was from Trump.” The staffer added, “The chance of Ben jumping onboard with Trump is very real.”

Another former Carson staffer said, “Carson would be the crown jewel of an endorsement for Trump.” The retired neurosurgeon would bring a degree of moral support to the real estate tycoon, who has taken hits from evangelical leaders for being indecent and untrustworthy, and Marco Rubio has repeatedly denounced him as a “con artist.” Carson, by contrast, is well regarded as a moral man, primarily by evangelicals.

Carson’s former Iowa campaign chair Rob Taylor said Trump would “rarely say anything ill of Carson.” If he were Trump, Taylor said “Carson would be my #1 pick for VP. He has the balance and reasonability that Trump needs.”

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It is very unlikely for Carson to back Cruz, as the good doctor and his campaign suspects that Cruz stole votes from him in the Iowa caucus. Cruz and his surrogates around the state propagated a lie that Carson was dropping out, and told Iowa voters to vote Cruz instead.

“The Cruz campaign is dishonest,” declared one former Carson staffer in Iowa. “The feeling was felt by everyone on the campaign.” Another former staffer said Carson considers Cruz “untrustworthy,” and added, “The last campaign Dr. Carson would support now is the Cruz campaign.”

While the good doctor distrusts Cruz, he has a friendly relationship with Marco Rubio, the former staffers told Independent Journal Review. The Florida senator has been in contact with Carson over the phone, according to Taylor. The former Iowa campaign chair said he does not know whom Carson will choose, but he does know the Carson’s next move.

The very first thing the man does in a decision moment is ask God for guidance and sometimes that is the very best thing…Dr. Carson will do whatever the Good Lord tells him to do.

How different from the real estate tycoon Carson might just endorse on Friday.