Election 2020

Ted Cruz Super PAC Hits Rubio on National Security

Leading up to the first GOP debate of the year on Thursday, a pro-Ted Cruz Super PAC released an ad Wednesday which hits back at Florida Senator Marco Rubio, accusing Rubio’s “Gang of Eight” immigration bill of weakening national security, and possibly leading to the San Bernardino attacks.

“We are at war – not just abroad, but here at home. With the clear and present threat of Islamic terrorism on the march, we must secure our borders,” the ad opens, running TV news coverage of Islamic State fighters and the San Bernardino attacks in the foreground, then shifting to show a border crossing.

The ad then cuts to an image of Rubio standing with New York Senator Chuck Schumer. “But Washington continues to fail us with groups like the Gang of Eight that support amnesty and allow sanctuary cities,” the voiceover declares. “We need a president who knows that border security is national security. America needs Ted Cruz, the one proven conservative for president.”

This attack comes after Rubio first hit Cruz, attacking the Texas senator for allegedly weakening America’s intelligence capabilities. Rubio has also called Cruz an “isolationist,” due to the candidates’ split on U.S. support for such foreign interventions as the toppling of Libyan dictator Moammar Quaddafi.

This latest ad cost Stand for Truth, the pro-Cruz SuperPAC, over $1 million to run in Iowa, starting Wednesday. Another pro-Cruz Super PAC, Keep the Promise, will begin running an online ad also aimed at Rubio’s immigration stance. On Monday, the pro-Jeb Bush super PAC, Right to Rise, began airing a TV ad portraying Rubio as a “weathervane” on immigration.