Election 2020

NEWSFLASH: Biden Admits 'It's Possible' Trump Could Win

When asked if media mogul Donald J. Trump could become president, Vice President Joe Biden admitted that “yes, I think it’s possible,” Politico reported.  “Well, I can imagine it – in a ‘Saturday Night [Live]’ skit,” Biden said.

Biden decided not to enter the 2016 presidential primary last October, and his comments may hint at some remorse over that decision. The vice president said he hopes Trump does not win “because I have fundamentally different views than he does.” Biden also said he hopes The Donald “gets a lot more serious about the issues, a lot more serious about gaining knowledge about how this nation functions in foreign policy and domestic policy.”

He further attacked Trump as “very divisive,” and said that such a candidate is “not healthy” for the United States. “We always do best when we appeal to our better angels. And we always do poorly when we appeal to our fears and our differences,” the vice president warned.

Last week, Biden told The Hill that he regrets not running for president “every day.” Nevertheless, he considers it “the right decision for my family and for me.”