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Bernie Sanders Opposes Abstinence-Only Sex-Ed

Bernie Sanders Opposes Abstinence-Only Sex-Ed
(AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Vermont Senator, Democratic presidential candidate, and self-described Socialist Bernie Sanders wants your kids to learn about the birds, the bees, and the L-G-B-Ts, no holds barred. At a “Brown and Black Forum” at Iowa’s Drake University, Sanders said he opposes abstinence-only sex education.

The Vermont senator said America needs to have “a serious national discussion about sexuality.” Sex ed, he implied, should not be taught with implicit values, but only with pure scientific facts.

“When sexuality is an intrinsic part of human life — we should not run away from it,” Sanders said. “We should explain biology and sexuality to our kids on a factual basis. Period.”

The senator prioritized cracking down on sexual abuse. “Rape must be prosecuted,” the candidate declared.

Sanders allegedly avoids this issue, due to a controversy launched last May. Then, a 1972 essay surfaced, in which Sanders wrote about a woman who “fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously” among other things.

Campaign spokesman Michael Briggs told CNN that the essay was “a dumb attempt at dark satire in an alternative publication,” and does not reflect the candidate’s views on women. “It was intended to attack gender stereotypes of the ’70s, but it looks as stupid today as it was then.”