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The Current State of U.S. Midterm Elections as of November 18, 2018

Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp speaks during a rally

Congressional elections cover a lot of ground, and in 2018, the midterm elections here in the United States have dragged on through 11+ days of counting and recounting, disappearing and reappearing boxes, lawsuits, cable news pontificating, and even threats to abolish the Senate altogether.

With all that going on, you may be finding it hard to keep track of which races have, at long last, been decided, and which are still outstanding.

So in the interest of clearing things up, here below we will list some of the races for which the outcome has been decided since Monday -- that is, high-profile races that went past the first weekend after Election Day -- and more importantly, those that are, amazingly, still not quite decided in the House, Senate, and governor's offices.

On Sunday evening, we'll give you the latest total seats won/lost in the Senate and House by the parties-- you know, the new balance of power that we'll have in Washington when the 2019 legislative session gets underway. So make sure you come back later today.

Okay, ready for the update? Take a deep breath because here we go.



CA-39: (BREAKING) Officially decided only late Saturday night, Democrat challenger Gil Cisneros defeated Republican candidate Young Kim in a narrow race, flipping this seat vacated by retiring Rep. Ed Royce. This district was the last holdout in the House for former Republican stronghold Orange County, which is now officially blue through and through.

CA-45: Democrat Katie Porter, who was mentored by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, defeated incumbent Republican Rep. Mimi Walters (R), who was in the GOP House leadership. This seat was the second-to-last domino to fall in Orange County, just three days before Cisneros flipped his district (above). Porter finished with 145,895 votes over Walters with 136,902.

ME-02: Democrat Jared Golden defeated incumbent Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin in a run-off, with results made official on Thursday. Poliquin won in the first round of ballots on election night, but the fact that no one had a majority necessitated a run-off between the two vote leaders, and in the end, the Democrat flipped not only the result, but the seat from red to blue. Golden won with 139,231 votes to Poliquin's 136,326, a margin of 2,905 votes.


ARIZONA: Democrat Rep. Kyrsten Sinema won Jeff Flake's old seat over Republican Rep. Martha McSally. This race, too, had accusations of mishandled ballots flying, but the results were certified, McSally conceded, and Sinema is headed to the Senate. Let's not dwell on bad news.


FLORIDA: (BREAKING) On Saturday, Republican Ron DeSantis declared victory and Democrat Andrew Gillum conceded defeat in Florida's gubernatorial election. There are no more recounts or lawsuits over the result. Interestingly, however, the undecided (but all-but-over) Senate race involving the current sitting governor could mean that, although Gillum won't be Florida's next governor, neither will DeSantis. Possibly. Essentially, if Rick Scott is sworn in as senator, it will be about a week before DeSantis would be sworn in as governor, meaning for that week the state would have an interim governor — current Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera.