Election 2020

War for the White House #22: ELECTION DAY IS NIGH!

Are We Feeling It Yet?!?!?

Welcome to another episode of “War for the White House,” a twice-weekly podcast that features voices from across the Townhall Media Mothership (PJ Media, TownhallHotAirRedStateBearing Arms, and Twitchy). This episode is hosted by yours truly. I am joined by the co-host of Townhall’s “Triggered” podcast, Storm Paglia, and our own VodkaPundit, Stephen Green.

Election fever is in the air and we are all definitely feeling it. We take a deep dive into various scenarios about how we think things may play out next Tuesday. You may be surprised by some of what we came up with.

We also discuss the Hunter “Foot Job” Biden scandal and the mainstream media’s refusal to cover it.


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