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Kim Klacik's New Ad Is So Good I Want to Move to Baltimore and Vote for Her

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Kim Klacik, FTW. 

Republican congressional candidate Kim Klacik wants to get rid of the trash in Baltimore, both literally and figuratively.

Running in Maryland’s 7th congressional district, Klacik burst into national awareness last month with a brutal, visually poignant ad that featured her walking the streets of Baltimore and vividly displaying what more than a half-century of Democratic rule has done to the city.

That ad caught fire and soon people on both sides of the aisle and all over the country knew about her. It’s amazing that she was able to cut through all of the noise in the news with one viral political ad.

Last week, Klacik was brave enough to be a virtual guest on The View. The Shrieking Harridan Squad treated her the way they do every Republican, which is shrilly and awful. Klacik held her ground so well that a flustered Joy Behar ended up cutting her off to finish the interview.


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Klacik followed up on her handling of Behar with a new ad that is the kind of thing I wish we would see more of from 21st-century Republicans.

In this ad, Klacik is again walking the streets of Baltimore but she is now explaining some of her policy positions and how she would like to change the city. As she does so, the harsh present reality is transformed to give us a visual of what she envisions. It’s an amazing political ad spot. The production value is more like that of a well-financed short film than a campaign ad. See for yourself:

Klacik is once again getting attention from all over for this ad. My friend, actor and filmmaker Nick Searcy, had this to say about it:

As an activist who is also an entertainer, I’ve longed for some young blood in the GOP who understand not only the power of media in modern politics, but the necessity of it as well. There are some older Republicans who do. Let us not forget that President Trump is also the most successful reality star in the history of American television.

It helps a lot that Klacik has exceptional on-camera presence. She’s serious without being cranky, tackling tough issues with a message that is transformational and positive. It’s a lot more than just, “Look, the Democrats have really screwed this up, so vote for me simply because I’m not one of them.”

 (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Obviously, changing things in cities where Democrats have held sway for decades isn’t an easy or quick task. The Republicans can’t do it without earnest, talented candidates, however. Too often, the GOP is content to merely throw in a sacrificial lamb in cases like this. They roll over and play dead, barely paying lip service to trying to affect change. I just spent over two decades as a Republican in California, I know whence I speak.

Klacik faces long odds here but doesn’t seem to be daunted. She already lost a special election to fill this seat by a wide margin earlier this year. The GOP is going to need more young, resilient, and patient candidates like her who are willing to take more than one shot at a seemingly impossible seat to win.

As Klacik says at the end of this new ad: Baltimore doesn’t have to vote Democrat.

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