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We Know the Dems Will Get Rid of Biden. The Only Question Is When

We Know the Dems Will Get Rid of Biden. The Only Question Is When
Former Vice President Joe Biden, participates in a Democratic presidential primary debate at CNN Studios, Sunday, March 15, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

A popular topic of COVID-19 quarantine conversation for my conservative friends and me in recent weeks has been speculating just how and when the Democrats are going to replace Joe Biden. None of us are talking about “if” it is going to happen, this is definitely a “when” thing.

I can’t imagine how much booze and Pepto-Bismol Democratic operatives are going through these days. A year ago at this time they had a primary field that was historic for both its size and diversity. There were relatively younger faces too. And most of them could speak in complete sentences.

Now they’re stuck with a drooling septuagenarian fool who it turns out is probably a sexual predator.

Forget the declining mental health, Matt wrote the other day that a quarter of the Democrats want Biden replaced just because of the Tara Reade allegations.


This pandemic shutdown should be ideal for Biden. If his handlers were smart they’d leave him shut in a basement and have his communications director hit social media all day, pretending to be him.

Instead, they insist upon putting him in front of a camera in a series of increasingly-awful videos. In the past couple of weeks they finally decided to give him scripts and he can’t even read from those. The most disturbing ones feature Biden’s wife Jill doing most of the talking, while Joe stares blankly into the camera as if he is trying to determine where he is.

The situation is obviously untenable. The Democrats are going to have to shake things up, but when?

I have several friends whose opinions I greatly respect who believe that things are so bad that the move will have to be made prior to the election.

That creates even more headaches for the Democrats in my opinion, though. If Biden is deposed — probably for some convenient and sudden health issue — the Democrats are going to have to give Bernie Sanders a shot. Bernie is problematic for them in ways that Biden isn’t and really isn’t much of a trade-up. New guy, different headaches, basically.

The Democratic National Committee could try to run an end-around on Bernie, which could get really ugly. After practically rigging the entire primary process against Sanders in 2016, any attempt to marginalize him now would send his supporters fleeing away from the Democratic Party, probably for good. The party is barely hanging on to the Sanders people as it is; they can’t risk upsetting them in the slightest.

There’s speculation that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo could be installed should Biden step down before the election. The media has been turning a blind eye to Cuomo’s myriad missteps in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak in his state, so we know that he is a favorite of theirs in this game.

The Democrats would probably rather keep the economy tanking long enough to drag Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep across the finish line in November and get him elected president. They could then keep him out of the public eye as much as possible during the transition, desperately trying to get him to Inauguration Day. After that, the aforementioned sudden health issue could take place and his nightmare of a vice president could be elevated, with another prog no doubt thrown in as the new veep.

Another nightmare scenario seems to be emerging with the increasing on-camera presence of Jill Biden. It almost looks as if she is auditioning to become Edith Wilson 2.0. Woodrow Wilson’s wife ran a lot of the Executive branch after the president had a stroke.

We know how that turned out.

Going down the rabbit hole here, what if the Democrats try to replace Crazy Joe with the fake health incident and Dr. Jill doesn’t let them? Sure, the ruse would be more difficult to pull off in the modern media era, but after these last few months I never rule out any worst-case scenarios.

Any way you look at it, Joe’s gotta go.

The easiest way to accomplish that, of course, would be a Trump victory in November.

So let’s get everyone back to work and make that happen.


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