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Can Someone Give Grandpa a Mask? Biden Coughs into His Hand, Touches Face in Mika Interview

Democrats have always been good at unified messaging, and they’ve been solid at keeping the “Biden is the leader we need during this coronavirus pandemic” afloat, despite all objective evidence to the contrary.

Honestly, I’d be surprised if Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep could lead himself to his own bathroom if were standing in front of it.

His creepy quarantine interviews with his wife Jill sitting by his side are more than enough to prompt serious questions about who would really be running the country if this scam to tank the economy and get him into the Oval Office works. She talks while he stares ahead looking blankly like he’s wondering who the nice lady sitting next to him is. When he does speak, it’s an absolute train wreck.

I will admit that I don’t watch a lot of interviews with Biden because they’re quite uncomfortable. My two persistent thoughts when I do are: “Good Lord, it would be a nightmare if the doddering fool were in charge right now,” and “Doesn’t anyone love this man enough to make him stop embarrassing himself like this?”

When I do try to picture him in a leadership role, my otherwise vaunted imagination comes up short.

On Friday, my new colleague (welcome to the team) Stacey Lennox wrote a wonderful post about Mika Brzezinski’s interview with Biden over allegations that he sexually assaulted Tara Reade. Here’s snippet from that (read the whole thing though):

We’re not sure if this was an accident, but Mika Brzezinski actually conducted a hard-hitting interview with presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden. She questioned the former vice president about allegations of sexual assault made by his former Senate aide, Tara Reade. At this point it’s astonishing that #CancelMika isn’t trending.

It would have been better had Mika done some tough follow-up but, hey, baby steps.

While trying to picture Biden inspiring any confidence in any situation I noticed two things. First, his denial was flat. Think of the righteous anger Brett Kavanaugh exhibited when being questioned about the false allegations against him. Biden has to be on script all of the time now and he sounds like a bad actor reading a line or two here.

Second, check out what he does as soon as Mika throws him the question here:


This has already been a bad habit of his, perhaps he just wanted to get it out of the way sooner rather than later.

Does America need a guy in charge now who can’t COVID-19 basic safety etiquette right? No, we do now.

Yeah, I rub my eyes and touch my face a lot but I live alone and talk to a cat all day and I’m not trying to be president.

Joe Biden shouldn’t be either.


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