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The 'Bloomberg News' Conflict of Interest Grows Like a Cancer With Boss's Rise in the Polls

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It’s nothing new for American mainstream media outlets to unabashedly slobber all over their chosen Democratic candidates — that kind of overt bias is commonplace.

Covert bias — not talking about a politician and thereby giving him or her a free pass — is a far more insidious thing. It is also essentially the current business model for Bloomberg News and its myriad media offerings.

When a media entity is avoiding reporting about a candidate seeking his party’s nomination for president because said candidate is the company’s namesake and founder, we’re getting into some Inception levels of bias.

Let’s be honest: when Michael Bloomberg made a belated entry into the race, no one thought he would be around for very long. But, lo and behold, thanks to a combination of Joe Biden’s increasing inability to behave like someone who doesn’t need a full-time mental health professional in attendance and the rest of the party’s commie fetish, Bloomberg’s popularity has been steadily rising.

The official Bloomberg company policy seems to be just to pretend it’s all not happening.

The New York Times:

When Mr. Bloomberg declared his candidacy in November, Mr. Micklethwait, an Oxford graduate and former editor in chief of The Economist, pledged in the memo he sent to the staff that the news outlet “will write about virtually all aspects of this presidential contest in much the same way as we have done so far.” But he said Mr. Bloomberg would remain off-limits from investigations, “and we will extend the same policy to his rivals in the Democratic primaries.”

Bloomberg News’s campaign reporters operate separately from the news outlet’s Projects and Investigations team. But the memo was widely perceived as a signal that Bloomberg News would cease accountability coverage of the Democratic field, even as Bloomberg executives called that a misunderstanding.

Mr. Micklethwait told reporters at the December town hall that Bloomberg News management had not prevented any political story from being published. “If you look at what we’re doing and the pieces we’re writing, any doubt that we’re reporting this aggressively disappears,” he said.

So, they will cover the stump speeches, but there will be no deep dives into any of the candidates.

There is coverage of  Democrats to be found on the Bloomberg home page, but you have to scroll for a while, seeing more than a few unflattering pieces about Trump along the way.

At the time I’m writing this, the first two posts about Democrats one sees after scrolling WAY down the page are about Bernie, highlighting his Jewish faith, and Mayor Pete complaining about Rush Limbaugh.

Real Woodward and Bernstein stuff there.

I’d like to at least be a little bit annoyed by all of this but, honestly, it’s almost refreshing to see a lefty news entity in this country at least partially admit to its bias. It is beyond laughable that the clowns at CNN still parade themselves as objective tellers of truth when they are nothing but the worst kinds of hacks.

If, however, Bloomberg does somehow manage to get the nomination, Bloomberg News may have to resort to what the other mainstream media outlets have been doing for decades: flat-out lying about their biases.

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