Election 2020

Trump Runs Understated, Powerful Super Bowl Ad About Criminal Justice Reform

(Image: Twitter.com @realDonaldTrump Screenshot)

The real election season is upon us now. The Iowa caucuses are on Monday, and President Trump waded into the election year ad-buy wars with a pricey Super Bowl spot.

Touting his very real accomplishments (sorry, Never Trump folk) in the area of criminal justice reform, Team Trump 2020 sent a clear message that all of the power of incumbency will be flexed between now and November.

Thanks to President Trump, Alice Johnson is free now after being sentenced to life in prison for a nonviolent drug offense. The ad juxtaposes her heartfelt gratitude with stark white text on a black background (ISWYDT) proclaiming, “Politicians talk about criminal justice reform,” then, in a larger font: “President Trump got it done.”

It’s a very well done ad, remarkable in its understatement. Alice Johnson is an African American woman, and one William Jefferson Clinton is responsible for the laws that have put so many black people away for seemingly minor drug offenses. The optics of Trump as their liberator are pretty powerful.

Here’s the ad:


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