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VP Who Wanted to Force Catholic Hospitals to Perform Abortions Says He's the Candidate of Religious Freedom

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Former Vice President Joe Biden’s latest foray into Lack of Self-Awareness Land is a doozy. The second in command when the health care law that insisted Catholic hospitals offer birth control and abortions is now fundraising as the candidate who “respects religious freedom.”

That’s a seventeen-second snapshot of the duplicitous insanity of modern Democratic politics. There’s the false premise (the “Muslim ban” that Biden says he was against from the beginning never existed) followed by the aforementioned abject lack of self-awareness.

Biden professes to be Roman Catholic yet is a staunch supporter of abortion, so his fundamental understanding of what it means to be religious is shaky at best. My favorite priest on Catholic Twitter (it’s a thing) hit back at Biden’s nonsense:

Fr. Dan is, of course, referring to the still-ongoing battle that started when the Catholic religious order Little Sisters of the Poor sued to be exempt from Obamacare’s birth control (i.e. “abortion”) mandate.

It is virtually impossible for any American leftist to make the case that he or she is a fighter for religious freedom. There are no examples to be plucked from objective reality to support that. They’re still trying to ruin the life of the small business-owning baker who wanted to keep his professional principles in sync with his religious principles. The entire premise for that is a decidedly anti-Christian attack that labels deeply-held beliefs as “bigotry.”

One could argue — as Tyler did here — that the Democrats’ devotion to all things LGBTQ is an assault on religious freedom.

Well, Christian freedom, anyway.

The landscape for American Christians is fraught with political landmines placed there by Democrats. Their goal is to blow everything up and send us sliding down a slippery slope where the endgame is to force churches to bend to the will of the secular mob.

As the chief cheerleader for the healthcare law that put his own religion squarely in its sights to force it to violate its canon law, the case for Joe Biden as a champion of religious freedom can only be made if one’s religion is the heavy-handed federal government.

That’s a discussion for another day.


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