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RNC Ad Responds to Viral CNN Clip Mocking Trump Supporters: 'Prove Them Wrong in November'

(Image GOP YouTube Screenshot)

Quickly responding to a CNN segment in which the always awful Don Lemon yuks it up with two panelists who are mocking all Trump supporters as being uneducated rednecks, the Republican National Committee released an ad reminding Republican voters of other smears as well.

The ad focuses on Monday’s CNN segment, but shares clips of Granny Maojackets, der Bidengaffer, and Mayor Pete disparaging Republican voters and reminds them, “They think you’re a joke.” It finishes up by exhorting the GOP faithful to “Prove them wrong in November.”

Personally, I hope all of the Democratic candidates, as well as their flying monkeys in the MSM, keep on labeling all Trump supporters as stupid racists. These too-smart-for-the-room Dems and Never Trumpers (redundant, I know) are completely clueless about the fact that their behavior is minting new Trump voters every day.

There were probably more than a few of the new voters at the president’s rally in New Jersey Tuesday night:

People in a union-dominated blue state began lining up in frigid temperatures two days early for that rally.

Who knew New Jersey had so many drawling yokels?


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