Election 2020

Think Progress Editor Reaction to Branstad Pick for China Another 'Why Trump Won' Moment

Think Progress Editor Reaction to Branstad Pick for China Another 'Why Trump Won' Moment
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Here we are a full month after the 2016 election, an election that provided what is roundly described as a “shock” to most people. Many people would pick through unexpected results in an effort to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Progressives are far too emotional for that.

Refusing to believe that anyone other than ignorant white bigots voted for Trump, the lefties have been doubling down on the thought-free condescension that practically dug their own electoral grave.

When it was announced that Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad would be the new ambassador to China in the Trump administration, Think Progress editor Ian Millhiser had this response (he has since deleted the tweet, hence the tweet from someone with the screenshot):

Ah, there’s that sneering leftist faux superiority, replete with a lily white guy complaining about whiteness.

Even his retraction was snotty:

Millhiser’s original response was based on nothing more than knee-jerk bigotry and laziness. The attitude that he feels he needed to be convinced clings to the smugness instead of admitting he was wrong.

Had be bothered to spend 13 seconds Googling, Millhiser could have found out precisely why Branstad was chosen.

The elitism that coastal media bubble types lord over everyone is unearned. They feel that they’re intellectually superior to people who are forever outwitting them. After decades of pretending to “fight” for the common people, their masks have been peeled back to reveal an utter revulsion for those they claim to champion.

As so much of this election was about social media, I’ll leave you with one more Twitter snapshot that indicates the Democrats and progressives haven’t learned a thing: